Scarlion and Targa Quest Guide

October 30, 2009

For you that don’t know, there is a new area called Malaysia. You can access it through Singapore. Simply take a plane from Kerning City to Singapore then go to the Tour Guide (not Zipangu) in Singapore and go to Kampung Village. Near that town, you can fight the bosses Scarlion and Targa. They are like Zakum. They have quests that you need to complete before fighting them and they are on a special map that you are teleported to. Each of them have total 300mil hp (1st body: 60mil, 2nd body: 90mil, 3rd body: 150mil) and deal up to 8k dmg on 3rd body. You need 188 accuracy to hit the last body at lvl 100, 131 accuracy at lvl 120, and only 73 accuracy at lvl 140 (minimum accuracy req.) The first two bodies deal less than 1k dmg. Here is a guide to completing the prerequisite quests. All the quests are started and finished with the npc Lam.

Quest #1 – Lam Wants To See The World

Collect 100 lucky bus tickets from Yabber Doos which are located at Fantasy Theme Park 2 (four maps right of Kampung Village). This is a big map, but there are two monsters on it. Yabber Doos are on the bottom. Kill both monsters to increase the spawn rate. Takes about 15 mins. While doing this quest, you should also pick up the toy planes which drop from the monsters above, because you will need them later.

Quest #2 – Off to the City

Kill 250 Vikerola and gather 200 viking helmets. Located at Fantasy Theme Park 3 (one map above the last map). This map is a slow spawn and a big map. Takes about 30-40 mins.

Quest #3 – Gift For Brother

Kill 200 Booper Scarlions and collect 200 toy planes from them. Go back to Fantasy Theme Park 2 to kill them. They only spawn on the top 2 floors. This is a long quest and will take about 40-50 mins. Also kill some Yabber Doos to increase spawn rate.

Quest #4 – Merry-Go-Round in Kampung

Kill 200 Galloperas at Entrance to the Spooky World and gather 200 horse tails. This map has a great spawn and the monsters give great exp, so it might be hard to find a free channel. You could go around and ask people for their horse tails, then find a free channel and kill, since killing is ussually quicker than getting the etc.

Quest #5 – Off to the Fantasy Theme Park (Repeatable every 1 hour)

Gather 10 Rodeo’s Masters from Rodeos and complete all the previous quests:

– Lam Wants to See the World

– Off to the City

– Gift for Brother

– Merry-Go-Round in Kampung

Rewards: 2 Spirit Of Fantasy Theme Park (used to summon Scarlion and Targa)

(You cannot go into the Scarlion and Targa boss map with this quest In Progress even if you have already completed it once. Remember to forfeit it before entering.)

Entering Spooky World

Spooky World is where the Scarlion and Targa are on. To enter it, go to Aldol who is at Entrance to Spooky World (to enter) and Spooky World (to exit). To enter, you must either begin recruiting or enlist into a group who will fight the bosses. The only channels which you can fight the bosses are channels 10, 11, and 12. The time limit you have is one hour. The Scarlion and Targa have to be summoned so most groups only summon one each time you enter, since with both, many people will die. To summon one, drop a Spirit Of Fantasy Theme Park (teddy bear etc.) ontop of the statue of the boss you wish to fight. You also can enter as many times per day, but you can only lead once per day. Each boss drops up to 4 helmets. Scarlion can drop either Scarlion Hat (STR) or Scarlion Hat (DEX), while the Targa can drop either Targar Hat (INT) or Targar Hat (LUK). I am not sure why the Targar Hat is spelled different from the boss (Targa, without the last “r”). The stats for each helm are:

req. lvl 80, +17 to the stat specified in name, +15 to all other stats, + 155 w.def (Scarlion) or +120 w.def (Targar), +120 m.def (Scarlion) or +155 m.def (Targar), +19 accuracy, +19 avoidability, 10 slots. They are untradable, can be karmad, and one-of-a-kind items (You are only allowed 1 of these in your inventory, but you can have one in your store (not permit) and one in your inventory).

These are better than Zakum Helmets and much more convenient to set up runs, so I think this will definately reduce the number of zakum helmets and reduce their cost. You don’t have to do a long jump quest and all you have to do is take a plane from Kerning City to Singapore. Also, you can only have a maximum of 2 zakum runs per day. The only advantage of a zakum helmet is that it is a level 50 item. Otherwise, these helmets are much better.


Explorer Medals

October 30, 2009

These medals are earned by moving to a map or a certain location on a map. There are level requirements to start some of these medal quests. If your level is high enough, the quest should automatically start if you move to one of the specified locations. The quest will not tell you what maps to go to, but I have them here. The levels next to the name is what level you need to start the quest. The level under stats is the req. lvl to wear it. 😀

These are all the medals you can get from exploring:

Beginner Explorer MedalThe One Who's Touched the Sky MedalSleepywood Explorer MedalVictoria Explorer MedalUndersea Explorer MedalLudus Lake Explorer MedalMu Lung Explorer MedalEl Nath Mts. Explorer MedalNihal Desert Explorer MedalMinar Forest Explorer MedalOssyria Explorer MedalMaple Explorer Medal

All these medals are obtained from Dalair after completing the quest.

Beginner Explorer Medal Beginner Explorer Medal (req. lvl 15)

Stats: lvl 15, +60 hp, +60 mp

Maps to Visit:

Lith Harbor
Florina Beach
Hidden Street: The Pig Beach
Victoria Road: Forest West of Henesys
Hidden Street: The Resting Spot, Pig Park
Victoria Road: Middle Forest III
Hidden Street: Caution Falling Down
Kerning City
Victoria Road: Sunset Sky
Victoria Road: West Rocky Mountain IV
Victoria Road: East Rocky Mountain VII
Victoria Road: Excavation Site <Camp>
Victoria Road: The Forest North of Ellinia
Victoria Road: Top of the Tree That Grew
Victoria Road: The Forest of Wisdom
Victoria Road: The Forest South of Ellinia
Victoria Road: The Hill East of Henesys

The One Who's Touched the Sky Medal The One Who Touched the Sky Medal (req. lvl 20)

Stats: lvl 20, +5 speed, +5 jump

Maps to Visit:

– Top left crane in Kerning City. You must go to the left end of the crane also.

– Above the warrior job building in Perion.

– In Nautilus Harbor, above the nest on the right side of the map. It should be a seagull with a nest inside its mouth. Jump ontop of the seagull’s head.

Top of the Tree that Grew. This is a new map which was added in gMS v.76. Go up the maps “The Tree That Grew” which the scroll seller is. At the top, go up the rope and you should be there.

– Top of the Orbis Tower. Go to the top of the orbis tower where the statue is. Move to the right of the top portal.

Sleepywood Explorer Medal Sleepywood Explorer Medal (req. lvl 40)

Stats: lvl 50, +120 hp, +120 mp

Dungeon: Sleepy Dungeon V
Dungeon: Ant Tunnel Park
Dungeon: Drake Hunting Ground
Dungeon: Another Entrance
Dungeon: Drake’s Meal Table
Dungeon: Wild Kargo’s Area
Dungeon: Drake Area
Dungeon: Sanctuary Entrance I
Dungeon: The Cursed Sanctuary

Victoria Explorer Medal Victoria Explorer Medal (req. lvl 40)

Stats: lvl 50, +125 hp, +125 mp


– Beginner Explorer Medal

– Sleepywood Explorer Medal

Undersea Explorer Medal Undersea Explorer Medal (req. lvl 20)

Stats: lvl 40, +110 hp, +110 mp

Maps to Visit:

Aqua Road: Red Coral Forest
Aqua Road: Snowy Whale’s Island
Aqua Road: Forked Road: West Sea
Aqua Road: Deep Sea Gorge I
Aqua Road: The Grave of a Wrecked Ship
Aqua Road: Dangerous Sea Gorge I
Aqua Road: Forked Road: East Sea
Aqua Road: Two Palm Trees
Aqua Road: Mushroom Coral Hill

Ludus Lake Explorer Medal Ludus Lake Explorer Medal (req. lvl 20)

Stats: lvl 40 +110 hp, +110 mp

Maps to Visit:

Korean Folk Town
Korean Folk Town: Top of Black Mountain
Ludibrium: Helios Tower <Library>
Ludibrium: Toy Factory <Main Process 1>
Ludibrium: Crossroad of Time
Hidden Street: Hidden Tower
Omega Sector
Omega Sector: Boswell Field VI
Omega Sector: Kulan Field V

Mu Lung Explorer Medal Mu Lung Explorer Medal (req. lvl 30)

Stats: lvl 50, +120 hp, +120 mp

Maps to Visit:

Mu Lung
Mu Lung: Practice Field: Advanced Level
Mu Lung: Snake Area
Mu Lung: Territory of Wandering Bear
Mu Lung: Peach Farm 1
Mu Lung: Goblin Forest 2
Herb Town: Isolated Swamp
Herb Town: Red-Nose Pirate Den 2
Herb Town: 100-Year-Old Herb Garden
Herb Town

El Nath Mts. Explorer Medal El Nath Mountains Explorer Medal (req. lvl 30)

Stats: lvl 50 +120 hp, +120 mp

Maps to Visit:

Orbis: The Road to Garden of 3 Colors
Orbis: Stairway to the Sky II
Orbis: Cloud Park VI
Orbis: Entrance to Orbis Tower
El Nath
El Nath: Cold Field I
El Nath: Sharp Cliff I
El Nath: Forest of Dead Trees II
El Nath: Dead Mine IV

Nihal Desert Explorer Medal Nihal Desert Explorer Medal (req. lvl 25)

Stats: lvl 75, +150 hp, +150 mp

Maps to Visit:

The Burning Road: Ariant
The Burning Sands: White Rock Desert
The Burning Sands: Tent of the Entertainers
Sunset Road: The Desert of Red Sand
Sunset Road: Sahel 1
Sunset Road: Magatia
Zenumist Research Institute: Lab – 2nd Floor Hallway
Alcadno Research Institute: Lab – Center Gate
Hidden Street: Authorized Personnel Only
Hidden Street: Lab – Secret Basement Path

Minar Forest Explorer Medal Minar Forest Explorer Medal (req. lvl 60, req. lvl 80 to finish)

Stats: lvl 70, +150 hp, +150 mp

Maps to Visit:

Leafre: Entrance to Sky Nest
Leafre: Cranky Forest
Leafre: Griffey Forest
Leafre: Manon’s Forest
Leafre: Entrance to Dragon Forest
Leafre: Wyvern Canyon
Leafre: Dangerous Dragon Nest
Leafre: The Dragon Nest Left Behind
– Cave Entrance (This is the first map for the Horntail PQ. Req. lvl 80 quest: Secret Medicine For Transformation to enter [lvl 80])

Ossyria Explorer Medal Ossyria Explorer Medal (req. lvl 70, req, lvl 80 to finish)

Stats: lvl 70, +1 str, +1 dex, +1 int, +1 luk, +150 hp, +150 mp


– El Nath Mts. Explorer Medal

– Undersea Explorer Medal

– Ludus Lake Explorer Medal

– Mu Lung Explorer Medal

– Nihal Desert Explorer Medal

– Minar Forest Explorer Medal

Maple Explorer Medal Maple Explorer Medal (req. lvl 60, req. lvl 80 to finish)

Stats: lvl 70, +1 str, +1 dex, +1 int, +1 luk, +180 hp, +180 mp

Obtain: (Every other explorer medal)

– Victoria Explorer Medal

– Ossyria Explorer Medal

Job Medals

October 29, 2009

These are all the medals which are job/level related. Beginners cannot obtain any of these medals. They all are obtained through Dalair who is in almost every town.

Normal Mapler Medals:

Cygnus Knights Medals:

Aran Medals:

Beginner Adventurer Medal (req. lvl 8-10)

– Achieve the 1st Job Advancement

Stats: +50 hp, +50 mp

Junior Adventurer Medal (req. lvl 30)

– Achieve the 2nd Job Advancement

Stats: +100 hp, +100 mp

Veteran Adventurer Medal (req. lvl 70)

– Achieve the 3rd Job Advancement

Stats: +1 str, +1 dex, +1 int, +1 luk, +150 hp, +150 mp

Master Adventurer Medal (req. lvl 120)

– Achieve the 4th Job Advancement

Stats: +2 str, +2 dex, +2 int, +2 luk, +200 hp, +200 mp

Gallant Warrior/Lord Sniper/Wiseman/Legendary Thief/King Pirate Medal

– Achieve level 200.

Gallant Warrior Stats: w.atk +3,  m.atk +3, hp +50

Lord Sniper Stats: w.atk +3, avoid +5, hp +50

Wiseman Stats: m.atk + 8, avoid + 5, hp +50

Legendary Thief Stats: w.atk + 3, avoid +5, hp +50

King Pirate Stats: w .atk +3, avoid+5, hp +50

Noblesse Medal (req. lvl 1)

– All Cygnus Characters

Stats: (None)

Training Knight Medal (req. lvl 10)

– Achieve 1st Job Advancement on a Cygnus Knight

Stats: +50 hp, +50 mp

Official Knight Medal (req. lvl 30)

– Achieve 2nd Job Advancement on a Cygnus Knight

Stats: +100 hp, +100 mp

Advanced Knight Medal (req. lvl 70)

– Achieve 3rd Job Advancement on a Cygnus Knight

Stats: +1 str, +1 dex, +1 int, +1 luk, +150 hp, +150 mp

Captain Knight Medal (req. lvl 120)

– Achieve level 120 on a Cygnus Knight

Stats: +2 str, +2 dex, +2 int, +2 luk, +200 hp, +200 mp

Awakened Aran Medal (req. lvl 10)

– Achieve level 10 on Aran

Stats: +50 hp, +50 mp

Aran in Memory Medal (req. lvl 30)

– Achieve level 30 on Aran

Stats: +100 hp, +100 mp

Aran in Misery Medal (req. lvl 70)

– Achieve level 70 on Aran

Stats: +1 str, +1 dex, +1 int, +1 luk, +150 hp, +150 mp

Aran in Hope Medal (req. lvl 120)

– Achieve level 120 on Aran

Stats: +2 str, +2 dex, +2 int, +2 luk, +200 hp, +200 mp

Aran the Hero Medal (req. lvl 200)

– Achieve level 200 on Aran

Stats: +5 accuracy, +3 weapon defence, +50 mp

Which Forum is the Best?

October 29, 2009

I was wondering which MapleStory forums you think are the best and which you use most often. Please tell me what you think.

All Medals

October 29, 2009

I have recently added two links which basically have every single medal. It has the stats and a guide to get each of them. Check it out!

GachaBox Event 10.22.09-11.10.09

October 29, 2009

This is the latest GachaBox Event.

What I’ve learned from previous GachaBox Events are that prices drop DRAMATICALLY. I ussually try to sell off most mastery books, chaos scrolls, white scrolls, and elemental wands/staffs before a patch. GachaBox events are also good ways to earn mesos though. These events ussually produce a lot of expensive items, but the chance of getting one is all based on luck. So, many low levels who don’t exactly know the prices of these items will get them and sell them pretty cheap, not knowing the actual price. Getting one of these items like Maple Hero 30 or a good elemental wand can earn you over 500mil. Simply spamming in the FM for a few days can earn you a good amount of mesos. Holding items until after the next patch is sometimes a good profit, since the prices will rise, but often there will be another GachaBox event not much later. Also, the prices sometimes take a while to increase again. Sometimes up to 2-3 months.

Halloween Event 2009: Olivia’s Quests Guide

October 28, 2009

The Olivia Quests are only available during the Global MS 2009 Halloween Event. There are 3 sets of quests. One for levels 15-40, 41-60, and +61. To begin this line of quests, you will need to talk to Olivia, located at Phantom Forest: Haunted House. After completing all the quests, you are allowed to do a party quest in which you kill the Olivia boss and after collecting 20 etc. from it, you are rewarded Olivia’s Chair.

Quest #1 – Olivia: “Help Me”

Kill 100 Rotted Skeletons (lvl 15-40), Dead Scarecrows (lvl 41-60), or Twisted Jesters (lvl 61+). The best place to kill these is by going through the chimney which you can get to by press up at the fireplace at the top of the Foyer (the biggest map). On that map, it leads to three portals; one for each of the monsters. To finish this quest faster, joining a party would also be good, since most other maplers would probably be completing the same quest, not killing for exp. Each of the maps are pretty big and have a good amount of monsters, this quest should take 5-10 mins. This is what each map looks like:

Possessed Chimney

Quest #2 – “Find My Daddy”

Get 25 bronze keys, 25 silver keys, and 25 gold keys. These keys are dropped from every monster in the Haunted House and are tradable. You can buy them from other maplers if you want to finish it quick. This quest ussually takes about half an hour or less. If you are a high lvl (80+), I would kill high lvl monsters like Voodoos/Hoodoos and Twisted Jesters to obtain gold keys and some silver keys, then buy bronze and the rest of the silver for mesos. The gold keys are the rarest and don’t drop often from low level monsters. They are also expensive, so if you don’t have many mesos, hunting for them would be the best choice. After collecting the keys, you must return back to Olivia.

Quest #3 – “Bring My Daddy”

Upon starting this quest, you will recieve an envelope. You have to bring this envelope to Joe, who is located in Haunted House: Piano Room [2]. To get there, first go to the Foyer, then go to Hallway: Where Am I?

To Hallway-Where Am I?

Once, you have reached there, go thru the door, that is 2nd to the right and on the bottom floor. It should lead you to Hallway.

To Hallway

At Hallway, move one door to the right. You should now be at Piano Room and you should be able to see Joe. Below there is also a picture of the Piano Room.

To Piano Room (2)

Piano Room (2)

At the Piano Room, give Joe the envelope and he will give you another quest.

Quest #4 – Father “Clear The Way”

Kill either 100 Glutton Ghouls and 1 Psycho Jack (lvl 15-40), 100 Psycho Jacks and 1 Sophia’s Dolls (lvl 41-60), or 100 Sophia’s Dolls and 1 Voodoo (lvl 61+). This quest is pretty easy, but time consuming. I don’t know of any maps which are “great” for this quest, but you can just look around and you will stumble upon a good map. After completing this quest, return to Joe.

Quest #5 – Father “Dirty House”

Joe will tell you to find Steward. He is located in Foyer on the big steps in the middle of the map.

Quest #6 – Steward “Im the Butler, Not the Maid!”

Gather 10 tombstones. Tombstones drop from basically every monster in the Haunted House. After collecting 10 tombstones, you have to go to Jonas who is located in the Toy Workshop map. I would also gather the item for Quest #7 before finding Jonas. Otherwise, you will have to do the jump quest twice.To get to Toy Workshop, simply enter the left most door on the third floor of Foyer, then once you have entered the door, jump down to the door directly below that one. It should lead you to a barren room. Move to the other portal and you should be at Toy Workshop. Jonas is at the top of the map.

Quest #7 – Jonas “Haunted Presence”

For this quest, you have to have to obtain Sophilia’s Favorite Doll. It is untradable, so don’t try to buy one. To get it, first go back to Hallway: Where am I? from Quest #3. Then, go to the 2nd from the right door on the top floor. It should have a picture frame on it. Inside, there is a blue box. Hit it and the doll should drop. I would get the doll before going to Jonas for Quest #6. This way, you don’t have to do the jump quest twice. After recieving the doll, go back to Jonas at Toy Workshop.

Quest #8 – Steward “The Trap”

This is the last quest, but is repeatable. You need to gather 20 cursed dolls from Olivia inside the party quest. Each Olivia boss drops 3-5 dolls and each time you go in, you will face one Olivia. This quest ussually takes a few days, since there is a maximum of three times that you can enter the pq per day. Your number of entries does not reset at 12:00 AM, you literally have to wait 24 hours. The reward for this quest is Olivia’s Chair. Read how to do the PQ below.

Olivia PQ

In this PQ, all you do is basically summon Olivia and kill it to obtain cursed dolls. Here are some details about the PQ.

~ There are technically 3 PQs. One for lvl 15-40, 41-60, and 61+. Characters in different lvl ranges cannot party with each other for this PQ.

~ The minimum number of members in each party is 3. The maximum is 6.

~ You can only do this PQ 3 times every 24 hours.

~ Once inside, you must summon Oliva. Do so, by clicking the mirror in the middle of the map and typing in Olivia, then press OK.

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