Halloween Event 2009: Olivia’s Quests Guide

The Olivia Quests are only available during the Global MS 2009 Halloween Event. There are 3 sets of quests. One for levels 15-40, 41-60, and +61. To begin this line of quests, you will need to talk to Olivia, located at Phantom Forest: Haunted House. After completing all the quests, you are allowed to do a party quest in which you kill the Olivia boss and after collecting 20 etc. from it, you are rewarded Olivia’s Chair.

Quest #1 – Olivia: “Help Me”

Kill 100 Rotted Skeletons (lvl 15-40), Dead Scarecrows (lvl 41-60), or Twisted Jesters (lvl 61+). The best place to kill these is by going through the chimney which you can get to by press up at the fireplace at the top of the Foyer (the biggest map). On that map, it leads to three portals; one for each of the monsters. To finish this quest faster, joining a party would also be good, since most other maplers would probably be completing the same quest, not killing for exp. Each of the maps are pretty big and have a good amount of monsters, this quest should take 5-10 mins. This is what each map looks like:

Possessed Chimney

Quest #2 – “Find My Daddy”

Get 25 bronze keys, 25 silver keys, and 25 gold keys. These keys are dropped from every monster in the Haunted House and are tradable. You can buy them from other maplers if you want to finish it quick. This quest ussually takes about half an hour or less. If you are a high lvl (80+), I would kill high lvl monsters like Voodoos/Hoodoos and Twisted Jesters to obtain gold keys and some silver keys, then buy bronze and the rest of the silver for mesos. The gold keys are the rarest and don’t drop often from low level monsters. They are also expensive, so if you don’t have many mesos, hunting for them would be the best choice. After collecting the keys, you must return back to Olivia.

Quest #3 – “Bring My Daddy”

Upon starting this quest, you will recieve an envelope. You have to bring this envelope to Joe, who is located in Haunted House: Piano Room [2]. To get there, first go to the Foyer, then go to Hallway: Where Am I?

To Hallway-Where Am I?

Once, you have reached there, go thru the door, that is 2nd to the right and on the bottom floor. It should lead you to Hallway.

To Hallway

At Hallway, move one door to the right. You should now be at Piano Room and you should be able to see Joe. Below there is also a picture of the Piano Room.

To Piano Room (2)

Piano Room (2)

At the Piano Room, give Joe the envelope and he will give you another quest.

Quest #4 – Father “Clear The Way”

Kill either 100 Glutton Ghouls and 1 Psycho Jack (lvl 15-40), 100 Psycho Jacks and 1 Sophia’s Dolls (lvl 41-60), or 100 Sophia’s Dolls and 1 Voodoo (lvl 61+). This quest is pretty easy, but time consuming. I don’t know of any maps which are “great” for this quest, but you can just look around and you will stumble upon a good map. After completing this quest, return to Joe.

Quest #5 – Father “Dirty House”

Joe will tell you to find Steward. He is located in Foyer on the big steps in the middle of the map.

Quest #6 – Steward “Im the Butler, Not the Maid!”

Gather 10 tombstones. Tombstones drop from basically every monster in the Haunted House. After collecting 10 tombstones, you have to go to Jonas who is located in the Toy Workshop map. I would also gather the item for Quest #7 before finding Jonas. Otherwise, you will have to do the jump quest twice.To get to Toy Workshop, simply enter the left most door on the third floor of Foyer, then once you have entered the door, jump down to the door directly below that one. It should lead you to a barren room. Move to the other portal and you should be at Toy Workshop. Jonas is at the top of the map.

Quest #7 – Jonas “Haunted Presence”

For this quest, you have to have to obtain Sophilia’s Favorite Doll. It is untradable, so don’t try to buy one. To get it, first go back to Hallway: Where am I? from Quest #3. Then, go to the 2nd from the right door on the top floor. It should have a picture frame on it. Inside, there is a blue box. Hit it and the doll should drop. I would get the doll before going to Jonas for Quest #6. This way, you don’t have to do the jump quest twice. After recieving the doll, go back to Jonas at Toy Workshop.

Quest #8 – Steward “The Trap”

This is the last quest, but is repeatable. You need to gather 20 cursed dolls from Olivia inside the party quest. Each Olivia boss drops 3-5 dolls and each time you go in, you will face one Olivia. This quest ussually takes a few days, since there is a maximum of three times that you can enter the pq per day. Your number of entries does not reset at 12:00 AM, you literally have to wait 24 hours. The reward for this quest is Olivia’s Chair. Read how to do the PQ below.

Olivia PQ

In this PQ, all you do is basically summon Olivia and kill it to obtain cursed dolls. Here are some details about the PQ.

~ There are technically 3 PQs. One for lvl 15-40, 41-60, and 61+. Characters in different lvl ranges cannot party with each other for this PQ.

~ The minimum number of members in each party is 3. The maximum is 6.

~ You can only do this PQ 3 times every 24 hours.

~ Once inside, you must summon Oliva. Do so, by clicking the mirror in the middle of the map and typing in Olivia, then press OK.

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17 Responses to Halloween Event 2009: Olivia’s Quests Guide

  1. Joe says:

    I am soo happy with this purchace, this is defiently the best H2 Michael Myers mask ever made. The deatils apron the mask, the blood that is covered on the left side of the mask. The many cracks which are covered on the entire mask, and the hair is incredible. Everything with this mask is great, and there’s nothing more to say about that!!

  2. plz email me w/info on how 2 grt olivias chair done w
    killing sophydolls what next?-lvl77dualblade/perpetual

  3. Anon says:

    This bug has happened to me too, but I’ve gotten to the top even with the bug. The right side made me freeze up so I tried the left and it worked…. idk if that’ll help you though…..

  4. DrZieger says:

    Right now the Jump Quest has a bug, everytime I get to a certain point Maple entirely crashes, Happens every single time I’ve tried (6x) now

  5. Dharc blader says:

    yo thx for this info man ❀ it got me through it on my first try on it this year 2010 ❀ its soooo bad ass thx for the super info bro ham

  6. blueflip says:

    when will this event end?

  7. Olivia says:

    Thank you so much πŸ˜€

    I swear, I was about to pull my hair out. I couldn’t find any guides, either. I only needed it for the 6th +, but this helped me a crapload.

  8. Eve-angeline says:

    Lifesaver ❀

  9. Mimichama says:

    Before that unscheduled server maintenance there was a glitch where it was possible to summon up to six Olivia in one run, but sadly that’s been patched up. You have nice writing in MS paint and keep up the good work on writing guides! πŸ™‚

  10. Kurera says:

    Very helpful Andy! πŸ™‚

  11. Und3x says:

    Great Site! πŸ˜€
    im really gonna use it later

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