GachaBox Event 10.22.09-11.10.09

This is the latest GachaBox Event.

What I’ve learned from previous GachaBox Events are that prices drop DRAMATICALLY. I ussually try to sell off most mastery books, chaos scrolls, white scrolls, and elemental wands/staffs before a patch. GachaBox events are also good ways to earn mesos though. These events ussually produce a lot of expensive items, but the chance of getting one is all based on luck. So, many low levels who don’t exactly know the prices of these items will get them and sell them pretty cheap, not knowing the actual price. Getting one of these items like Maple Hero 30 or a good elemental wand can earn you over 500mil. Simply spamming in the FM for a few days can earn you a good amount of mesos. Holding items until after the next patch is sometimes a good profit, since the prices will rise, but often there will be another GachaBox event not much later. Also, the prices sometimes take a while to increase again. Sometimes up to 2-3 months.


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