Hi guys, thank you for all those views. Today, November 2nd, this site has officially reached 1000 views! So far we have only been active for about a week, so I think this is a pretty good acomplishment. Now my next goal is 5000 views, so if you thought this site was useful please download one of these banners below and use it as a signature or put it in some of your posts in forums, sites, etc. You can either click the links or just right click the images > click view image > then use the URL (site address) and link the image to wherever you are using it. Also please link them to this site. Thank you.

*edit* I know the userbar isn’t very nice. I will remake a better one tomorrow and try to make a new [personalized] banner for top of my page.


or go to

AskSushi UserBar2

or go to


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