I was on the Nexon forums and I came across grantwall’s post. In his signature he had this video, so I clicked it. It’ an animation of a iPhoneMS app. It is not real, so don’t go searching for it. It’s just his interperation of what an iPhoneMS game would look like. I think it’s really nice and he did a great job animating it. You can contact him on xgrantwallx in Broa. Not sure if he quit and I don’t know him, but you can try to reach him if you want to tell him he did a good job.

Here is the video:

or go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE_xj4kAV0E


One Response to iPhoneMS

  1. William478 says:

    Call me again either 062835876 or0173151515, cuz you guys ate really noob!!!

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