[Requested] When to Get Equips

Getting good equips is very important to making your character strong and known. At higher levels, equips are even more important than your level. For example, a lvl 150 with godly equips can be as strong as a lvl 200. For all jobs except mages, remember that the MOST important stat to increase your damage is Weapon Attack. Your main “ability” stat (Str, Dex, Luk) is the 2nd most important. For mages, Magic Attack and Int is about equal. Good equips don’t matter as much for mages, so if you don’t have mesos you can still be strong if you are a mage. High level mages are a lot stronger than low level ones even if they have bad equips. Good times to get good equips are level 50, level 70, level 100, and level 120. Before then, just make sure you can hit monsters, since you mainly do [party quests to train.

Level 49 or Less ~ Party Quests!

Good equips ARE NOT necessary. Most jobs can hit all monsters and all you mainly do is PQs. Make sure you can hit well, and you are good to go!

Level 50 ~ More PQs

Before level 50, you should do some Carnival PQ (CPQ) and gather coins. With those coins, try to get a good level 50 item. Then, you can gather a few scrolls and make it stronger. You could use this weapon until lvl 70 or until lvl 64, then get a maple weapon. Maple weapons are great. They have a good amount of attack and add stats which are good for that job. For example, many warrior don’t have enough accuracy, but all warrior maple weapons add about 30 accuracy which can you help a lot. Mage maple weapons add HP, which most mages have very little of and can easy cause you to die. At lvl 50, you don’t need godly equips, just make sure you can hit.

Level 70 ~ Begin Training

At level 70, you get your 3rd job advancement. Most maplers consider this a “Big” achievement, so you might want to reward yourself with a new set of equips! By now, you should get a Zakum Helmet, attack work gloves, and a decently scrolled weapon. If you have more mesos, you should also get a Pink Adventurer Cape (+w.atk) or Gaia Cape with weapon attack. Mages should get Purple Adventurer Capes (+m.atk). During these levels, you also would want some speed gear unless you are a thief. Speed will help you train faster, since at level 70, there aren’t anymore PQs that give decent experience.

Level 100 ~ Grinding

At around lvl 100, the number of training spots are reduced. You are forced to train at lower level monsters, and it takes much longer to level. This is when you want to get even better equips than level 70. Maybe better work gloves or a better cape. A higher level weapon would definately be necessary, unless you have a Godly weapon. *I am lvl 158 and I am still using a Screamer (lvl 80 two-handed sword). That is because mine is 120 att (5×30%s). If you have a good attack low-level weapon, you can use it past my recommended level range. I found that for training, using two handed weapons for warriors are better, since you are often fighting mobs of monsters and the extra range lets you hit more of them. At these levels, you should also start buying “boost pots”. These can give you extra accuracy, weapon or magic attack, speed, and avoid. By using these, your experience rate will go up.

Level 120+ ~ Being Pro

Past level 120, you should get the BEST equips you can get a hold of, since they will probably be your end-game (until you quit) items. A godly weapon (at least +15 att from base attack), +12 or more attack work gloves or +10 m.atk gloves, +4 or more attack cape, FaceStompers (+ w.atk shoes) or high accuracy/dex shoes if you need, and a good top/bottom or overall. An overall with at least +20 stat is good.


7 Responses to [Requested] When to Get Equips

  1. Andheri says:

    I don’t agree with this, of a more experienced opinion.
    Yes your guide makes sense, but syou sohould somewhere post that you can wear any equips you’d like.

    I’m personally stopping at Level 30 for shoes, 35 for overall (In this case it’s a top/bottom), 110 for hat, and I forgot for gloves. My cape, a napoleon, Level 50.

    Why? Cause it looks good!
    Defense NEVER matters in the game, and these armors are the most exensive, and you will NOT be able to get them at Level 120.

    Personally, I think looks/base stats. :] Just a personal opinion.

    • maplesushi says:

      Well, higher level equips also look nice. Also, many people have cash shop items. Lastly, defence does matter and higher level items have more stats (str, dex, int , luk).

  2. TillyTechno says:

    hi, i just wanted to say about mages dying easily, we dont actually. my main is a lvl 41 (yes, i know, LVL 41!) and i only have about 650 hp. though magic guard maxed takes 80% of hp damage and puts it into mp. so, if something hit 250 on me, id only get 50 damage and 200 mp damage (and i have about 2250 of that :D) so yeah. but still more hp is kinda handy 😛

  3. Eric says:

    I got some questions. This is a really good guide but these were on my mind.

    1. I just got brand new Lvl 60 Mage Equips through Maker. Should I get rid of them when I get to lvl 70 for new ones?

    2. The Purple Cape and Zakum Helm cost ALOT of money. How can I get them when I am near Lvl 70?!?!

    • maplesushi says:

      1. Since the difference of lvl 60 and 70 isnt too big, you should just keep the one that is better. For staff/wand Maple weapons are good.
      2. The purple cape and zakum helmet do cost a lot… If you don’t have enough mesos, just wait til later. At those levels, a zakum helmet is mainly for richer players. It is probably better if you spend your mesos on pots if you don’t have much. Zakum helmets and the cape don’t help TOO much, so don’t worry.

  4. I like it =D The simple way its set up and the fact that you went into vivid detail of the Balrog PQ and more especially the grinding guide

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