My Take On Private Servers

Private Server are basically servers that are created and ran by original people. They are basically copies of a normal game except with increased experience rates, meso rates, and they make it easier to get items. Personally, I think they are a waste of time. Theres no point of playing MS without a goal. Theres no point in leveling if you can get to 200 in a minute.

When I was much lower level and didn’t know much about MS, I experiemented with private servers. At first, I thought it was fun. I was a high level, had lots of cash shop items, and lots of mesos, but quickly I got bored, since many people can hack these servers, it was laggy, and I had no friends in the private server. All my friends were in gMS. So, private servers are very fun anyways.

In order to join a private server, they make you download things, and change you MapleStory back to an older version. This takes a long time and also, often they give you downloads that give you viruses and trojans that’ll take you MapleStory info and send it to them. Or even worse, your personal info. That’s why now I stay away from private servers. They may be fun at first, but it’s just an illusion to the pain coming up right after it.


2 Responses to My Take On Private Servers

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  2. Neposedi says:

    With Maple Story, before all these PQs and quests came out, it was very difficult to level. Private servers allowed you to try out different classes and monsters/bosses. You also got to dress up your “dream character”.

    I agree with you how it gets boring pretty quickly but private servers are really good for those who want to try things out. 🙂

    And about the after pain, I just had 2 setups for Maple Story.

    Great site btw, it’s helped me on a few ocasions.

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