Is Gachapon Good or Bad?


Personally, I think gachapon is a HUGE waste if NX Cash for a few reasons:

1) Using Gachapon Tickets is risky. You could get really bad items.

2) An average gachapon run gives you about 5mil per ticket at Zipangu: Mushroom Shrine.

3) Buying items out of the MTS and selling them for mesos probably can get you more mesos.

4) Takes a long time to sell off all those items and scrolls from gachapon.

5) Gachaboxes give much better items than gachapons.

6) Gachapons ussually give useless equips like level 30-50 items.

7) Just go get a NX look, no one wants to see you in a bathrobe.


If you have any other reasons why Gachapon is bad, leave a comment and I might add it to my list. If you disagree, you can also leave a comment with what you think.


4 Responses to Is Gachapon Good or Bad?

  1. Anotherfish says:

    They show those propoganda messages like
    “SOANDSO has recieved a(n) magic book chair from the henesys gachapon”
    Every time someone gets a good item, these come up. Every time someone gets a bad item, these don’t come up.

    Psychological games much?

    • maplesushi says:

      I believe so. People get the feeling it is so easy to gach good items, but the truth is that the 1 item that is shown is probably from thousands of tickets. Half of those items aren’t even good.

  2. Tilly says:

    basil market, in my opinion, is a really good way of getting equips/mesos. the other day i bought a dark calaf for 92.500 mesos. sweet! šŸ˜€ have you triend basil?

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