Balrog Boss Guide!

Balrog Boss Guide


12 Responses to Balrog Boss Guide!

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    […]Balrog Boss Guide! « AskSushi[…]…

  2. bored, i am bored, what to do when you are bored,, lol, lmao , programing, codeing , forums linux, freebsd, help…

    […]Balrog Boss Guide! « AskSushi[…]…

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    […]Balrog Boss Guide! « AskSushi[…]…

  4. izak says:

    on wich stages am i able to attack the balrog so he lose hp?

  5. dancheww says:

    nice guide, but how much exp do you get per PQ (both in easy and normal modes)

  6. Jessica says:

    *Favourites site* *tells every1 she knows* XD tysm x

  7. William says:

    If i Can Help I Will Help (Cause Am Tottaly Bored)

  8. dmac says:

    sushi insane guide man. I’ll work with you in mardia to create more guides and help promote the site again great job and keep up the good work

  9. William says:

    Nice Guide 😀

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