Taking Advantage of 2x Events

One thing that Nexon does well is having 2x events. Recently they have added many more 2x events for summer, halloween, etc. Nowadays we get almost 2-3 hours of 2x exp every Saturday and Sunday which is good. If you are available during those times, it is important to take advantage of these times. 2x exp helps boost your exp greatly and helps you spend less on pots (since you don’t have to train as much). If you have nexon cash, it is also good to get an additional 2x card to get 4x exp.

REMEMBER THAT 2x EXP BUFFS (Family Buff) does NOT stack with 2x events!

You should take advantage of 2x events by either grinding with a friend or leeching. Personally, I don’t think leech is bad, since you had to work for the mesos to buy leech. If you are leeching yourself, that isn’t bad either since you had to level that character.

During 2x events, ussually most channels and good training spots are taken. Try to train at mini dungeons to avoid looking/fighting for channels. If you are training at non-mini dungeon maps like wind raiders, voodoos, gallos, or harps, try to get there at least 30 mins early. Most people will not KS (kill steal) you, so it should be okay. If you people do, you should ask your buddy list or guild/alliance for help. I’m sure someone would come to help.


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