Should I Level First or Earn Mesos First?

Should I Level First or Earn Mesos First?

This is a question that often people ask and there is no REAL answer to. But, from my own experiences I would level first. I have noticed that at higher levels it is much easier to gain mesos. It might just be because I am a warrior and there are leeches that I can sell, but other jobs can also sell leeches or hunt for items. Mages can sell leeches at mobbing maps and Night Lords and Buccaneers can also sell BF leech.

Here are some ways to get mesos when you are a higher level:

  • Going on ZRuns, Scarlion Runs, and Targa Runs then selling your helm
  • Selling BF (BigFoot), HH (Headless Horseman), or Anego leech
  • Selling leeches at mob areas (ex. Harps, Newts, Skele)
  • Hunting for books and scrolls (Bossing)
  • CWKPQ/HT/Pink Bean runs (for these, you ussually don’t get an item. instead, the leader gets the item, sell its, then distributes the mesos among the attackers)

As you can see, it is much easier for high levels to make mesos. Most of the items listed above can be done by any 130 or 140+ character regardless of job. For lower levels, hunting or pqing for items is much slower and less rewarding. The main way to get mesos at lower levels is by merching, which takes skill and you must be active frequently.

Overall, I think leveling to 4th job should be done before earning mesos. If you are around lvl 80-100 and find yourself without any mesos, I would try to do some hunting (area bosses) or some merching in order to gain back some mesos. Use those mesos to get pots. You will notice once you get 4th job, mesos will be much easier to earn.


5 Responses to Should I Level First or Earn Mesos First?

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  2. Anotherfish says:

    I’m currently an I/L mage at level 77, and my plan is to earn around 30 million mesos to fund my own way to fourth job. (I have to spend around 2 million mesos on pots per level) not to mention new equips and such. That way, I feel like i can level faster and uninterrupted until 4th job. In my case, it feels like pots restrict my ability to level quickly and economically.

  3. Majed says:

    Level Man thats whats imprtant to me, i got me some decent equips and i have some money left so i train. Later ama upgrade equips.

  4. Amy says:

    Interesting…but leveling to 4th job is pretty much unachievable for me. I get stuck at level 70s 😦

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