How to Patch Before Servers are Up

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I am going to soon make a few Aran guides. Also, this should come in handy.

Here is a quick guide to patching up your MapleStory version before the server check or patch is actually over. This only works for big patches. Not small patches or minor fixes. This can help you get a store or help you finish events, since you will be logged in while everyone else is still patching.

Here are the steps:

1. go to of patch).exe

For example, if you want v80, enter in your URL.

It should automatically start downloading after entering that. There is no page or other links.

* This is not a virus or keylogger. As you can see…it is the official Nexon website.

2. Click the file you just downloaded.

3. Select where you have MapleStory installed.

4. Start up MS! or wait for patch to finish, then start up MS!

5. Grab a nice spot or start training before anyone else!


2 Responses to How to Patch Before Servers are Up

  1. Alex says:

    DONT Dowload the Pre-Patch for v.80 . Its corrupted . You’ll dc every minute . Update with the maple client

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