Aran Celebration!

If you make an Aran you will be allowed to complete the Aran Celebration quest. Basically, you need to stay logged on on ONE character for an hour, but you must first start the quest. There should be a light bulb above your head to notify you when the quest is available.  After one hour, another light bulb will pop up telling you that the quest has been finished. Simply click it, then answer the question correctly to claim your prize. Take time to answer the question because if you are wrong, you are no rewarded. The possible rewards are scrolls, the steel polearm, and more.

If you log out before the one hour passes, you will lose the “Ice Crystal” which you are supposed to hold for an hour. Also, the quest will still be cosidered “In Progress”. The only way to continue it is to click it under quests and select Forfeit. Without doing so, you won’t be able to do the quest. But if you do, you will immediately able to start it afterwards.

After completing this quest, you must wait 24 hours until the quest is available once again.


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