FM Guilds

In almost world other than the new ones and Mardia (my world), there seems to be large FM guilds that control basically FM 1-3. Many people have wondered whether or not they even affect the market or if it is worth it. Obviously they don’t form these guilds because they are friends. In fact, most merchants dislike each other and compete for profit. I believe that FM guilds rarely affect the wide variety of other players. Instead, they just are a sign to “Not Shop Here”. However, desperate buyers look for these stores.


2 Responses to FM Guilds

  1. Rika says:

    This guide was very helpful, thanks a lot.
    I have some questions
    – how many party members do you need?
    – what’s the level limit (LV.90 – ???)

    This is a question for this guide
    I was not able to leave a comment on that post

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