Vega Scrolls?

What do I think about the new “Vega Spell Scrolls”? I think they’re good! But mainly the 30% ones. This can help us scroll godly items without the worry of blowing them up with a dark scroll. Personally, I would only scroll GODLY or EXPENSIVE items. Because otherwise, it would not be worth it. The 3k you have to pay for each scroll will cost a lot. Therefore, this should only be used on good items where after scrolling, the price will increase tremendously.

As for the 90% vega scrolls, once again. ONLY FOR EXPENSIVE ITEMS. I wouldn’t use this much. Mainly for gloves. This is because the 90% upgrades cost 4k each! But as you know, 60% scrolls don’t add much stat.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the Vega Scroll Upgrades are basically items from the cash shop. There are two different types: 30% and 90%. The 30% lets you scroll an item with a 10% except it has a 30% chance of working and no chance of being destroyed. The 90%, makes a 60% scroll work on a 90%. This DOES NOT give you a 30% or 90% scroll. Instead, you place the item which you wish to scroll and the scroll and it will scroll it right there. After clicking the Vega Spell’s Scroll Item, it is pretty self explanatory.

Good Luck to everyone who wishes to test their luck!


2 Responses to Vega Scrolls?

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  2. Peter says:

    Hi andrew

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