Complete CrimsonWood PQ [CWKPQ] Guide

Things to know before starting:

  • You can only enter twice a day. It doesn’t reset at 12 am PST. You must actually wait 24 hours.
  • You need at least 2 people of every class. (Warrior, bowman, thief, mage, and pirate)
  • One run can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours.
  • The minimum level is 90 and maximum is 200.
  • If you die during the PQ you lose about 1% exp
  • Four Marks of Naricain drop per PQ.
  • The bosses have high avoidability, damage, and HP.
  • There are jump quests in the PQ.
  • You should probably get a few level 140+ to be able to finish the PQ
  • There is a bonus stage.
  • There are four bosses. (Warrior, Mage, Thief, and Bowman)
  • During the PQ, you will be informed when you pass a stage. It will appear as blue text.
  • Arans and Cygnus Knights cannot CWKPQ.

Starting the PQ:

To start the PQ, you must have 2 characters of each job. Then, all the members of the PQ should gather at Hall of Mastery, then continue by clicking on the gate at the top right of the map. This should bring you to Hall to Inner Sanctum. Here, once everyone is ready, begin recruiting by clicking Jack. Now, let all the members of your run join the run. Once everyone is enlisted, click Jack again to begin the PQ.

Stage 1: Inner Sanctum Hallway

After clicking Jack, everyone will be teleported to a long map. Simply run to the right while constantly pressing the up arrow. There is a hidden portal somewhere on the map. You have a few minutes to do this, then monsters start spawning.

Stage 2: Forgotten Storage Chamber

After going through the hidden portal, you will be sent to a room with 5 staircases and each one leads to a different orb or sigil. Each orb is designated to one of the jobs. You must get a person of that job to use a 3rd job skill to hit the sigil. Once it starts turning, it means it is activated. Once all 5 are activated, you will be able to continue to the next stage.

Stage 3: The Test of Agility

This stage is a jump quest. Once again there are 5 orbs or sigils along the jump quest. But, you must also have 5 characters (doesn’t have to be one of each job) reach the top and go through the portal. This is easiest for thieves and mages. Once all 5 have reached the end, have them all go through the portal at the top. They should all come back to the bottom. After they all reach the bottom, everyone can continue to the next stage by going through the portal at the bottom.

Stage 4: The Test of Wit

This stage is another jump quest. There are many small platforms in the center. Some of them have stirges on them and the others will have fire once in a while. All of these can push you down. However, warriors’ stance works on the stirges, therefore it is much easier for them to reach the top. Once again, there are sigils for each job. Once all of them are activated you can continue to the next stage.

*I am not very sure how to complete this stage, so I might have some wrong information. Please leave a comment if you know some extra information or corrections*

Stage 5: The Test of Unity

In this stage, there are 5 portals. Each portal is for a specific job and more than one person may enter (Preferably the highest level characters of that job. Lower level characters may die). Each portal is at a different floor and or section of the map and is one of the doors. There is no actual portal showing where the rooms are. Once you have entered the portal, each character will be sent to a small room. For each job, you must complete a different task.

Here is what you have to do for each job:

Archer room: Kill all the black guardians and then talk to the statue to retrieve a bow.
Pirate room: Hit the gold chests until a gun drops. Kill some of the sharks or gobis that are in the way.
Warrior room: Kill the crimson guardians until they drop a sword.
Thief room:You see a small eye, and the statue tells you to kill all eyes in the room. You just hit it once with a normal attack to make it dissapear. Then you climb upwards through guardians and then use FJ to reach certain platforms and kill 5 of them in one map, then talk to the statue and get the claw.
Magician room: Kill all monsters and pick up the wand that drops. Teleport through the wall to leave.

After retrieving the item, leave the room and drop it where the weapon is suppose to be on the big statue in the center. You can look at the statue at Hall of Mastery to see where each weapon belongs. They should all be placed near a hand. To know if it is right, the item should disappear after 10 seconds and a big weapon should appear on the statue. Once all weapons have been placed, you can continue to the next stage.

Stage 6: Grandmaster Council Hall

This is the bossing stage. First, talk to the statue to summon black guardians. After those are killed, talk to the statue again. There will be 4 bosses that summon. It should be pretty easy to identify which boss is which job. The mage will be on the middle platform at the top. The other three will be on the bottom. The best way to kill these are to have the ranged classes kill the mage by shooting from the platforms on the right, while a warrior pins it to the right so that the ranged characters can hit it. Then, the other warriors should pin the warrior and bowman boss to the left. The bowman should be left alone till the end. Once the mage is dead, the warrior should pin the thief to the right and let the ranged classes kill it. Each of the bosses deal about 3-4k will their long ranged skills and touch damage except the warrior boss deals 7k. Each boss should drop a Marks of Naricain. Once all bosses are dead, you can advance to the bonus stage. Quickly advance to the door on the right to enter the bonus stage.

Stage 7: Bonus Stage!

Once you are teleported to the bonus stage, you have one minute to gather as many items as you can. Hit the boxes around the map to get items. You can get mastery books (ussually cheap ones because of CWKPQ), scrolls,  green mittens (6 slot gloves), white seal cushions, and swiss cheeses (+200 m.atk pots).

*Please let me know if there is any wrong information or if anything has been changed.*


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  3. Anonymous says:

    if you fail the 2nd run does it count as a complete run? and if it doesnt can i go in again at the time i ended the 1st run the next day?

  4. Savtoz says:

    In Stage 6, your link to MoN is broken. Also, do you know the drop rate for Redners?

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