Pyramid/Pharaoh PQ Guide

January 23, 2010
Pyramid PQ

The Pyramid PQ is located near Araint and Magatia. To get there, go to the map Sahel 3. On the mini-map, you can see the Pyramid PQ as a pyramid on the map.

The Pyramid PQ has different modes and difficulties. You may choose to enter alone or with a party of up to 6 people.

Pyramid PQ has four different difficulties which depend on your level.

The four difficulties are:

Easy: Level 40-45
Normal: Level 46-50
Hard: Level 51-60
Hell: Level 61+

Alone or with a Party?

In the Pyramid PQ, you may choose to enter alone or with a party. It is ussually better to do it alone because later on, there aren’t as many monsters. Also, when alone, your ACT bar lowers slower. When your ACT reaches 0, you are kicked out.

The Display

In your top left corner, you will have four (4) counters in a box to track your progress.
Kills: Kind of obvious….the number of monsters you have killed. This also adds the amount of experience you gain at the end of the PQ.
Cool: Cool is added by the number of cool attacks you use. Some of these are ohkos, final attacks, or combos.
Miss: How many times you have hit the Pharaoh Yetis. Reduces the amount of EXP you get when you finish or fail. Reduces the amount of your ACT bar.

Pyramid Power: This allows you to use special pyramid powers. These power have to be earned during the PQ and make you much stronger.
ACT Bar: ACT is very important to keep up. Once this reaches zero, you fail the PQ and will be kicked out. TO keep the ACT Bar from lowering, keep killing monsters.

Beating the Pyramid PQ

To finish the Pyramid PQ, you must survive each stage and make sure your ACT never reaches 0.


There are five  stages in the Pyramid PQ. They are all pretty similar. Each map has two portals on each side of the map (a relatively small map). From these portals, monsters will summon. You cannot go through these portals. Each stage is about 2-3 mins and after the time, you will be teleported to the next stage.

During each stage except the first, a Pharaoh Yeti might be summoned. It will stand out and will have an exclamation point  in a yellow circle above its head. Do not kill this yeti. If you try to hit this yeti, you will miss. This will add to your miss category at the top left of your screen and will lower the exp earned at the end of the PQ. Also, it will make your ACT bar lower. To kill a yeti, use the Pyramid Power Attacks on the yeti. There are no other ways to kill the Yetis.

The Bonus Stage

The bonus stage can only be entered by immediately entering this stage after completing the PQ, or using a previously obtained Pharaoh Yeti’s jewel.

In this stage, you will have one minute to kill all of the Pharaoh Yetis in the map. You do not need to use Pyramid Powers on these yetis. Each Pharaoh Yeti will drop a box, which is your reward for finishing the PQ.  The box will appear in your inventory as a box. Double click it to recieve the reward. The Immortal Pharaoh Belt can only be obtained through the Hell Difficulty.


Power Elixers
Mana Elixirs
White Pills
Blue Pills
Chaos Scroll 60%
Clean Slate Scroll 1%
Scroll for Gloves for ATT 60%
Scroll for Gun for ATT 60%
Scroll for Bow for ATT 60%
Scroll for Staff for ATT 60%
Scroll for Claw for ATT 60%
Scroll for Wand for ATT 60%
Scroll for Spear for ATT 60%
Scroll for Dagger for ATT 60%
Scroll for Knuckle for ATT 60%
Scroll for Pole Arm for ATT 60%
Scroll for Crossbow for ATT 60%
Scroll for 1-Handed Axe for ATT 60%
Scroll for 2-Handed Axe for ATT 60%
Scroll for 1-Handed Sword for ATT 60%
Scroll for 2-Handed Sword for ATT 60%
Scroll for 1-Handed Blunt Weapon for ATT 60%
Scroll for 2-Handed Blunt Weapon for ATT 60%
Pharaoh Belt (+100 HP and MP, +25 Weapon and Magic Defense)
The Immortal Pharaoh Belt ( +1 Weapon Attack, +2 Magic Attack, +55 Weapon and Magic Defense)

Please note that you may or may not profit from the rewards given in this party quest. It depends on how often you reach the bonus stage, how many pots (and what type) you used, and what rewards you receive from the bonus boxes. The better rewards have a lower rate of appearing from a bonus box. Also, The Immortal Pharaoh Belt can only be acquired by opening bonus boxes obtained from the Hell Mode’s bonus room.


After killing 10,000 monsters in this PQ, you will recieve the Honorary Employee Medal (req. lvl 25, +90 hp, +90 mp)

After killing 50,000 monsters in this PQ, you will recieve the Protector of the Pharaoh Medal (req. lvl 40, +120 hp,+120 mo)


Dawn Warrior Guide

January 15, 2010

New “interactive” Dawn Warrior Guide. Click on the names of the PQs and monsters for more information about them and their stats.

AskSushi Kerning PQ Guide Carnival PQ Guide Ludi PQ Guide Zombie Mushroom Stats Ligator Stats Wild Boar Stats Octopus Stats Henesys PQ Guide Henesys PQ Guide Alishar Stats Alishar Stats Slimy Stats Selkie Jr. Stats Rombot Stats Robo Stats Toy Trojan Stats Toy Trojan Stats Slimy Stats Selkie Jr. Stats Twisted Jester Stats Twisted Jester Stats Dreamy Ghost (Hime) Stats Goby Stats Bone Fish Stats Skelosaurus Stats Skelegon Stats Image Map


January 12, 2010

This is for everyone who got hacked. Ask for a rollback + some 2x exp events and such. Maybe we can start a list here.

and btw, I got hacked and lost 25bil.

If you want a rollback, comment, I will add your name to the list. Also, leave your IGN. This list is a combination of users here and on Sleepywood Forums
The thread on Sleepywood is:

Ex. IGN (Sleepywood Name)
1. IVlapleSushi (MapleSushi)
2. Kapel07 (Kapel
3. PIN0Y9 (FeelingSleepy)
4. Sombwit (xMurtaghx)
5. dakingjamLe (DaKingJamie)

Last Edit: January 11th, 2010 at 10:57 PM.

Hammering Items

January 8, 2010

Recently, I have been searching through the FM and in the MTS to do some merchanting. Strangely, I’ve noticed many items that are hammered but still have 2 slots. I was wondering whether or not this actually is worth it.

Personally, I think this is a waste of time and money. Maybe not a waste of time, since it only takes a few seconds. However, I don’t think having the item already hammered actually makes people want to buy it more. Some items I’ve seen like this are: perfect scrolled items (7 slots are perfect scrolled), clean brown work gloves (9 slots after hammering), and other scrolled equips. Ussually, they are godly equips.

For the brown work gloves, I think it is a waste. Some people might even be drawn away from the item BECAUSE it is hammered. They might be scared to fail a scroll and have wasted the extra mesos for paying for the hammered item. I think this is the worst type of hammering of them all (between the 3 listed).

For godly items, I also think this is a waste. Some may argue that it encourages people without nx cash to buy it. However, for most people who can AFFORD a godly item, chances are, they can afford nx either in RL or through mts.

The last type of item I’ve seen hammered with 2 slots left are work gloves (scrolled). This is also a waste. Often people don’t like to scroll their work gloves. Either scared of failing or even of paying for the scrolls.

In conclusion, I think it is dumb to hammer an item before selling it. I don’t think people will pay extra and generally I think it will take longer to sell. I would just sell the item, then either sell nx (though there are a lot of scammers), or buy items through the mts and sell those.

Tell me what you think here! Also, see what people thought at Sleepywood Forums:

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year I can add more guides and more information about MS to help you all. Good Luck to everyone!