Hammering Items

Recently, I have been searching through the FM and in the MTS to do some merchanting. Strangely, I’ve noticed many items that are hammered but still have 2 slots. I was wondering whether or not this actually is worth it.

Personally, I think this is a waste of time and money. Maybe not a waste of time, since it only takes a few seconds. However, I don’t think having the item already hammered actually makes people want to buy it more. Some items I’ve seen like this are: perfect scrolled items (7 slots are perfect scrolled), clean brown work gloves (9 slots after hammering), and other scrolled equips. Ussually, they are godly equips.

For the brown work gloves, I think it is a waste. Some people might even be drawn away from the item BECAUSE it is hammered. They might be scared to fail a scroll and have wasted the extra mesos for paying for the hammered item. I think this is the worst type of hammering of them all (between the 3 listed).

For godly items, I also think this is a waste. Some may argue that it encourages people without nx cash to buy it. However, for most people who can AFFORD a godly item, chances are, they can afford nx either in RL or through mts.

The last type of item I’ve seen hammered with 2 slots left are work gloves (scrolled). This is also a waste. Often people don’t like to scroll their work gloves. Either scared of failing or even of paying for the scrolls.

In conclusion, I think it is dumb to hammer an item before selling it. I don’t think people will pay extra and generally I think it will take longer to sell. I would just sell the item, then either sell nx (though there are a lot of scammers), or buy items through the mts and sell those.

Tell me what you think here! Also, see what people thought at Sleepywood Forums: http://www.sleepywood.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1623619


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