Earn Free NX!

March 25, 2010

Lookies Here!

That’s right! Now you can get FREE nx by completing surveys and quizzes. Most of these are from other companies and some require subscription.

Simply go to HOME > Charge > Earn Free Nx

Here is a sneak peak.

As you can see, you can get a good amount of nx. The amount of nx you get for each is at the right. After completing the surveys, it takes some time (maybe an hour) for you to recieve you nx, so don’t be shocked if you don’t get in time. Also, some of the deals that give you A LOT of nx, you need to actually apply for a subscription or a deal of some sort which will cost you something. So they aren’t all technically FREE. Also, there’s another company that has surveys and such, GameCoins. There’s more deals available from there too.

Here are just some ‘less popular’ deals. As you can see, there are many deals. (four pages of them. woah!)

Hope this helped 😀


Playing without Bore

March 25, 2010

‘If you enjoy what you do, you will never work another day in your life’ – Confucius

The problem that most MS players have is that they get bored with their character. Therefore, they don’t know what character to play or just decide to quit. There really is a simple answer. Don’t follow these steps to determine what job you play.

DON’T look at:

1. The damage your character would do

2. How quickly training will be

3. How much mesos you can make/save

4. The bosses you can kill

5. The PQs you will do well in

Instead look at :

1. How cool the skills are

2. The concept of that job

3. The weapons and equips

4. The challenges you can overcome

5. How you can be known.

If you play a job that you like, you will overcome any obstacle. I’ve seen mages that solo bosses and NLs that PB.

If you have a will, there’s a way.

MapleStory on Windows 7

March 23, 2010

MapleStory works on Windows 7? o-o

Will re-test soon.

Before you read the rest of the stuff, let me say this: MapleStory does not work on Windows 7.

I have tried doing compatibility, running as administrator, and everything else. None of it works. It use to work when you didn’t have to log onto the browser, however it doesn’t anymore. It will give an error then a bunch of numbers, and I haven’t found any sites that have said that it works. Lastly, it still works on Vista, so Vista users, don’t be scared. You can still play and train. 😀

*edit. Currently not sure if it works or not. View comments for more info on the discussion.

8x Exp with Hunter’s Luck

March 23, 2010

After this weekend’s 2x exp and drop, I’ve learned that yes!, there is still 8x exp. This is just a heads up for any 2x’s this weekend and later events. So, hold your hunter’s luck cards until a 2x event, buy a 2x card, and you’re good to go on leveling.

This also shows that later events, if there are more 2x exp cards, you will be able to obtain 8x. So…if that every happens again, remember to save them up for the weekends! 😀

Good Luck Leveling

Chaos out of MTS

March 23, 2010

After the recent “Perfect Pitch” event there has been some hacks that reportedly ‘duped’ chaos scrolls. I heard they were gotten by editing what is needed to obtain a chaos scroll from the Inkwell, the NPC in the FM.

The repercussions are huge drops in Chaos Scroll prices in most worlds and also, they have been taken out of the mts and cannot be put in anymore. Personally, I think they will stay out of the mts. They have always been an item with fluctuating prices and often can be used to make mesos through inter-world merchanting.
Personally, I’d love them to come back. However, as we know… Nexon often has other plan.

Dual Blade?

March 22, 2010

Currently theres been a lot of hubbub about gMS getting Evan. However, right now kMS has also gotten Dual Blade. A new job that is like a Bandit/Shadower. It has quick moves and uses daggers. However, it also has quick jumps and swings like an Aran. Also, it wields two daggers instead of having a shield.

Here are the Job Advancements for this job:

Novice First Job First Job+ Second Job Second Job+ Third Job Fourth Job
Beginner Rogue Semi Dualer Dualer Dual Master Slasher Dual Blader

Dual Blade will be like Aran and Evan, a completely separate class. Also, as you can see, many more job advancements.

My estimate: it will come out in July or August of 2010 for gMS!

Here is the teasar video in kMS:

What’s new about Evan?

March 22, 2010

Wondering what’s so good about Evan? Why is there so much hype?

The truth is… it’s pretty similar to mages. However, there is a whole new feel and there are a certain HUGE changes.

1. You have a dragon next to you that casts most of your spells. You are more of a ‘master’.

2. Your dragon has equips! Your dragon can have a hat, a pendant, a tail accessory, and a wing accessory.


3. Different Job system. First of all you don’t get your skills at increments like other classes at 10, 30, 70, and 120. However, you get them in increments listed on my Evan Skills page. There are more different “mastery” levels and each grants you a few new skills. At the end, Evans have much more skills than many other jobs and many of them are used frequently.

Those are the three main differences and cool new things that will be implemented with Evan, hope you have fun.

Here’s just some additional information.

These are the different levels that your dragon will reach. The level on the left represents the level your character and your dragon will be in order to obtain that look.

Level 10 –

Level 20 –

Level 30 –

Level 50 –

Level 80 –

Level 120 –