Evan Is Coming! FAQ!

What is Evan?

Evan is a new class that will be coming to gMS (Global MapleStory). It is not grouped with Adventurers (warriors, bowmen..), Cygnus, or Aran.

What are Evan like?

Evan are kind of like mages. However, all their attacks include a dragon that follows your character as you go. All Evans have a dragon beside them and it gets bigger as you level. All your spells will be casted from your dragon. For example, some spells have the dragon breath fire or ice.

What gear do Evan wear?

Evan wear mage gear and use magic attack and int to determine their damage.

What is the max level that Evan can reach?

Unlike Cygnus, Evan can reach level 200.


No one really asked this but.. Evans don’t really have job advancements like everyone else. There are different “mastery” levels. Each has a set of skills that your dragon can learn and use.


4 Responses to Evan Is Coming! FAQ!

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi i love maple story such as the Evan dragons are my best charaterrists anima everrrrrrrrr


  2. askshu says:

    Evans suck, 1 minute cooldown on the Dark Fog. Its really pointless as all other mage jobs are less powerful but Genesis spam makes it easy to overpower an evan while he is waiting for his next dark fog.

    • maplesushi says:

      The cooldown is only 20 seconds, but I agree its pretty useless. However, they have better bossing skills than avg mages.

    • Anonymous says:

      Um Evans don’t suck. And while Bishops can spam Genesis, Evans can spam Flame Wheel or Earthquake, both of which cast much faster then Genesis. Have you ever actually seen how slow Genesis is?

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