Dual Blade?

Currently theres been a lot of hubbub about gMS getting Evan. However, right now kMS has also gotten Dual Blade. A new job that is like a Bandit/Shadower. It has quick moves and uses daggers. However, it also has quick jumps and swings like an Aran. Also, it wields two daggers instead of having a shield.

Here are the Job Advancements for this job:

Novice First Job First Job+ Second Job Second Job+ Third Job Fourth Job
Beginner Rogue Semi Dualer Dualer Dual Master Slasher Dual Blader

Dual Blade will be like Aran and Evan, a completely separate class. Also, as you can see, many more job advancements.

My estimate: it will come out in July or August of 2010 for gMS!

Here is the teasar video in kMS:


5 Responses to Dual Blade?

  1. kash says:

    i was wondering wats the next job for pirate and bowman….if they have new race coming out i wonder wat its gonna be ..

    • maplesushi says:

      Well, as of now, for all versions of MS, the newest job is dual blade. Pirate and Bowman have no “new” jobs. Pirate is still relatively new, so it probably won’t get a new job for a while. Nexon might make a whole new job like pirate, not a job that using existing equipments. I personally, dont know of any, but soon there might be one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually pirate is coming soon in kms its called mechanic…. so um ya… shadow has it also if u don’t believe me

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