What’s new about Evan?

Wondering what’s so good about Evan? Why is there so much hype?

The truth is… it’s pretty similar to mages. However, there is a whole new feel and there are a certain HUGE changes.

1. You have a dragon next to you that casts most of your spells. You are more of a ‘master’.

2. Your dragon has equips! Your dragon can have a hat, a pendant, a tail accessory, and a wing accessory.


3. Different Job system. First of all you don’t get your skills at increments like other classes at 10, 30, 70, and 120. However, you get them in increments listed on my Evan Skills page. There are more different “mastery” levels and each grants you a few new skills. At the end, Evans have much more skills than many other jobs and many of them are used frequently.

Those are the three main differences and cool new things that will be implemented with Evan, hope you have fun.

Here’s just some additional information.

These are the different levels that your dragon will reach. The level on the left represents the level your character and your dragon will be in order to obtain that look.

Level 10 –

Level 20 –

Level 30 –

Level 50 –

Level 80 –

Level 120 –


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