Earn Free NX!

Lookies Here!

That’s right! Now you can get FREE nx by completing surveys and quizzes. Most of these are from other companies and some require subscription.

Simply go to HOME > Charge > Earn Free Nx

Here is a sneak peak.

As you can see, you can get a good amount of nx. The amount of nx you get for each is at the right. After completing the surveys, it takes some time (maybe an hour) for you to recieve you nx, so don’t be shocked if you don’t get in time. Also, some of the deals that give you A LOT of nx, you need to actually apply for a subscription or a deal of some sort which will cost you something. So they aren’t all technically FREE. Also, there’s another company that has surveys and such, GameCoins. There’s more deals available from there too.

Here are just some ‘less popular’ deals. As you can see, there are many deals. (four pages of them. woah!)

Hope this helped 😀


6 Responses to Earn Free NX!

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    […]Earn Free??NX! « AskSushi[…]…

  2. leica binoculars…

    […]Earn Free??NX! « AskSushi[…]…

  3. Unnameable says:

    uhh..isnt that from the nexon website ? you can earn free nx from there now…

  4. Comohuevos says:

    Thank you, what exactly does your site do?
    except for stating the obvious

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