Playing without Bore

‘If you enjoy what you do, you will never work another day in your life’ – Confucius

The problem that most MS players have is that they get bored with their character. Therefore, they don’t know what character to play or just decide to quit. There really is a simple answer. Don’t follow these steps to determine what job you play.

DON’T look at:

1. The damage your character would do

2. How quickly training will be

3. How much mesos you can make/save

4. The bosses you can kill

5. The PQs you will do well in

Instead look at :

1. How cool the skills are

2. The concept of that job

3. The weapons and equips

4. The challenges you can overcome

5. How you can be known.

If you play a job that you like, you will overcome any obstacle. I’ve seen mages that solo bosses and NLs that PB.

If you have a will, there’s a way.


One Response to Playing without Bore

  1. Jrod says:

    I doubt this would work for me.

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