Evan Mount Quests

For Evans, there are three different level mounts: 50, 80, and 120. Your mount is actually Mir or your dragon. Each time your dragon ‘evolves’ after level 50, you will need a new saddle. If you have the level 50 saddle and you reach 80, you will no longer be able to use your mount until completing the next quest.

*edit* Also, you must complete all previous mount quests to get level 80 or 120 mounts.

These are the 3 quests:

Level 50 – Speed 150%/Jump 120%

Upon reaching level 50, go to Ellinia and talk to Grendel the Really Old. He will ask you about mounts and there will be several mini quests between Grendel and Mir. Then, he will ask you to speak to FangBlade.

Go to the Perion Job building and talk to FangBlade. He will tell you to go to Kenta to recieve a saddle.

Now make your way to Aquarium and speak to Kenta at the Zoo. She will need 50 Seal skins, dropped from the female seals located left of aquarium, a seruf pearl, dropped by Seruf, a low level boss located at two maps right of aquarium. Lastly, you will have to pay 10 mil. Once you have recieved the saddle, you will not be able to mount yet.

Go back to FangBlade in Perion to recieve the monster rider skill.

Level 80 – Speed 170%/Jump 120%

Once you reach level 80, you will need to get a new saddle. You won’t be able to ride your old dragon either. First go back to Kenta in aquarium. She will ask you to get 10 Lycanthrope Leather, 2 Captain Alpha’s Buckle, 2 Unbreakable Porcelain and 30 million mesos. Lycanthropes can be found in deep El Nath. Captain Alpha’s Buckles can be obtained by breaking boxes at the maps left and right of aquarium. The BIG, dark boxes, not the small ones that you see everywhere. Lastly Unbreakable Porcelain can be obtained from Captain Hwang in Herb Town. Take the dolphin taxi to reach Herb Town. After gathering all the items and the 30 million mesos, go to Kenta to recieve your new saddle. Equip it and you will be able to ride on your dragon again!

Level 120 – Speed 180%/Jump 120%

At level 120, your dragon will outgrow his saddle once again. Head to Kenta in aquarium. She will ask you to recieve 300 Wyvern Toenails, 300 Destroyed Nests, and 300 Egg Shells. You will also need 60 mil to recieve the 3rd saddle. Get Wyvern Toenails from Dark Wyverns. Destroyed Nests are from Nest Golems which can be found normally or can be summoned after killing certain Jr. Newties. Egg shells are gotten from Jr. Newties. All these monsters are located in Leafre. Once you have gotten all these items, return to Kenta with the items and 60 mil to recieve the 3rd stage saddle.


62 Responses to Evan Mount Quests

  1. Anonymous says:

    what do i do im lv 206 and i went to all of them. no one gave me a quest. ;(

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    Evan Mount Quests | AskSushi

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    Evan Mount Quests | AskSushi

  4. sad says:

    How am i supposed to get 10 mil??! i only have 1,864,954 and im sitting here and trading mesos from my other characters but i wont get near 10 mil… (i know im like broke) and then 90 mil to go… right now im lvl 61 btw

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fangblade Still Bugged.. hes beneath the ground.. you only can see his quest lamp thing.. But when u click on it nothing happends.. what to do?

  6. […] nothing. articated wrote: I only got ezlink 60mil..i have la..but dunno worth it anot.. Evan Mount*Quests | AskSushi seianko wrote: now ur evans earn enuff meso to buy the mounting ride liao bio? […]

  7. Mey says:

    Hey im lvl50 and i can’t see Fangblade at all…. is there something wrong or is it just me. I can still see his quest bulb. I have also done all of the evan quest but i just can’t click on Fangblade. What should i do?!?!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can i not do lvl 50 , lvl 80 quest and just do lvl 120 quest?

  9. Michelle says:

    i am level 78 and he has no quest for a saddle…

    • Benedict says:

      If you are talking about the 1st mount quest, it is possible that you have not completed the “pre-quests” for the mount. The quests that has to be done are the ones that are classified under the heading -Evan, Dragon Master- But if you are talking about the 2nd mount quest, you have not reached the level to attain the saddle 🙂

  10. jacob says:

    Hey guys i got a big prob. im Lvl 123 Ean whos can get my Saddel

    i havent no quest at grendal the very old Plz L/R Im playing On Maplestory EU

  11. Anonymous says:

    why i cant find the quest in gendel old man??

  12. Wailuen93 says:

    can i w8 til lvl 120 to do the quest????

  13. Anonymous says:

    So you’re saying you would need a total of 1,000,000,000 mesos to get up to the 3rd saddle?

  14. meow says:

    erm, i accidentally dropped my stage 1 saddle, i’m lvl 124 btw. and i did the quest of ‘uncomfortable saddle’. do i need the saddle in order to receive the 2nd stage saddle? I can’t enter the pirate’s hideout, saying that ‘it seems that you didn’t need the materials’ HELP, i want to do this quest!!!!! 😦

  15. Juice says:

    Do you have to finish Dragon Masters quests?

  16. yolanda says:

    how did u get ur level 50 mount when ur 110? cause im not level 81 and i havnt done the privious quests.. i went to see kenta.. there was no quest for the mount it was only the kenta’s research quest… SOS i want to ride my dragon…
    also fangblade didnt say anything to me apart from hi im fang blade and im level 200 – –

  17. GOD F@#$ DANM IT!!!!!!! LIARS! ALL OF YOU LIED TO ME! ITS NOT 300 OF THOSE F@#$ING egg shells and claws and stuff its 300 of Kentaurus drops! F@#$%ing waste of my prep work in leafre now i have to go all the way back DANM IT!

  18. […] Evan Mount Quests « AskSushiApr 1, 2010 … The Evan is a special character and no you cannot avoid his quests for the Rider Skill. Instead of riding a generic pig or whatever, he rides his … […]

  19. Anonymous says:

    BTW guys, if u need cash and FAST ik a place where u can go but DONT TELL ANYONE! u first need to be ATLEAST lvl 40 hopefully lvl 50+. go to NLC(new leaf city) using the deminsional portal. then look for the long thing that looks like a short limo. it should be called NLC limo or sometin like that.ride it for free and then go all the way to the left of the map. you’ll see a portal. go through the portal and ATTACK the sacks of gold leprechauns hide inside. there are also evil trees. and STAY AWAY from the ghost reapers unless ur OVER lvl 50. the trees drop cash that is from 220-255, lepreechauns drop 2 peices of cash and its usually 980-1020,and the ghost reaper in unknown to me. if this works for u im BEGGING please gift me something cause if it works i just saved u TONZ on hunting and u probably have extra money for other stuff so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! gift my windia acc WTFdiedemons a wedding ticket cause im engaged and i need one badly. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    WOW! u guys REALLY dont understand this! here it is when u first make ur evan account do ALL of ur quests. dont skip a SINGLE one, and yes mushroom castle IS the required quests. when u get to lvl 50 and youve done all ur quests up to the mount riding one go to the place the blog tells u. if ur lvl 80 or over u CANT use the lvl 50 skill because ur mir is TOO BIG AND FAT! xD.u have to do the lvl 80 one UNLESS ur lvl 120,then u do the lvl 80 one and do all the following quests until lvl 120 quest. after u get the 120 u can use it for the rest of ALL ur lvls. u wont need any more. if the girl doesnt have the quest over her head, press k, look at ur mir picture, and on the top right click Talk to Mir. if theres other questions ask maplesushi. and YES U NEED THE MESOS!There are NO free ways its the ONLY way because from wat i know mir is an epic mount so there is NO FREE WAY! unless u buy him in the cash shop whicxh is stupid because he cant fly in the air if from the cash shop -_-” BYE! and add me on maplestory my Nova evan is domonation1.but im usually on my windia demon slayer account named WTFdiedemons. ADD ME!!!!and maplesushi ur welcome please send me a gift if u have any NX.

  21. ProAssNxHoe says:


  22. site internet…

    […]Evan Mount Quests « AskSushi[…]…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Uhmm… I did all the quests and I can’t find the mount rider skill. I only have this gliding skill like for demon slayers… Help? D:

  24. Aleyna says:


    […]Evan Mount Quests « AskSushi[…]…

  25. Dark20 says:

    I skipped some of the evan quests and left the farm after they let me leave but after I left, I ditched the last quest they gave me (from the farm) and when I tried to go back to the farm area, they would’t let me. Is there a way I can still go back to the farm area?

  26. Dark20 says:

    I have a question about Evans. In order to unlock the Evan Mount Quest at lvl 50, do I have to complete all previous Evan quests including the ones back in the farm area in order to unlock the mount quest? Where can I get a free lvl 120 saddle without doing the mount quests? Is it possible to obtain the Rider Skill without talking to FangBlade in the lvl 50 quest (without doing the quest)? Thanks in advance!

    • UberLost says:

      To unlock the Evan Mount lvl50 quest you have had to have completed all the Evan Quests before it. Wherever you left off is where you have to start off again; the only messed up part is that some of these quests don’t show in your quest log, nor do the npc’s that are part of the quest show books or lightbulbs above their heads.

      Where can you get a free lvl 120 saddle? YOU CAN’T. Why would they have the option of: free from a quest or pay up 60mil. I guarantee everyone would go for the “free” quest and not pay up the fat sum of 60 million mesos.

      The Evan is a special character and no you cannot avoid his quests for the Rider Skill. Instead of riding a generic pig or whatever, he rides his dragon. Follow the quest details exactly as they say, come up with the dough, and you’ll get your saddle in no time.


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  28. Anonymous says:

    I have a question. im level 51 and still havent done the mount quest . but cant seem to find out how. please help

    • UberLost says:

      Go back and finish your Dragon Quests. The hard part is that they might not show up in your Quest Log.

      Most likely you skipped the Training Grounds from Power B. to the right of Henesys (I felt I didn’t need the training grounds, but ended up coming back here at lvl 110). If not, start back where you last remember talking to an NPC about doing a dragon quest and hopefully you can get back on track and you’ll be rewarded with the Dragon Rider Skill Quest.

  29. 5 mistakes says:

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  30. Anonymous says:

    My level 93 friend gave me 10 mil ❤ I got the mount at level 51. 😀

  31. alex duhh says on my email lolz says:

    i love men no homo :3

  32. Anonymous says:

    i was um tol to go to ereve by fangblade, so idk what ure talking about >_<

  33. Anonymous says:

    Any idea of how i can ride mir if my quest lightbulb disappeared?…

    • UberLost says:

      It probably disappeared because you started a quest and didn’t finish it to the point. Find out where you left off and follow up the Quest Chain until you reach around the lvl 50 part. I’m sure you’ll get the lightbulb back if not for another quest, for your dragon riding skill =]

  34. HostileX says:

    when the chaos patch came out i made a evan and it was lv50…..but it didnt give me the quest for the mount….does anyone know y this happened????

    • Anonymous says:

      The same thing happened to me please answer 😦

    • Anonymous says:

      U guys have to do a few of the Evan quests before u get the mount quest. Trust me i did the previous quest then i finally got the mount quest. Though some of the quests take a long time its worth it because riding ur dragon is COOOOL!

    • Anonymous says:

      u have to complete ALL the quest, just like when u made a lvl 1 evan, complete all quest from lvl 1-50. its not really hard since ur on lvl 50+ 🙂

  35. Anonymous says:

    i cant get 10mil in lvl 50

  36. sdag says:

    ok so i leveled up to 60 without doing the whole quest (i’m up to talking to neinheart at ereve) because i thought i could get the 10 mill first. is there a set level requirement you have to complete the quest by? because i’m at ereve, and there is no lightbulb whatsoever on top of neinheart.

    😦 what do i doooo

    • Anonymous says:

      push k and chat with ur dragon
      you might see the quest there

    • UberLost says:

      There is no set level requirement. I was level 110 when I got my level 50 Mount Skill with the saddle.

      The only sh-tty part is that if you are a high enough level (80+, 120+), you STILL can’t ride your dragon until you catch up to the Mount Riding skill closest to your level. ie. I’m level 110, and got my 50 mount with no go. I have to complete the level 80 mount to ride Mir. When I reach level 120+, I cannot ride Mir until I get the level 120 saddle for him.

      • yolanda says:

        how did u get ur level 50 mount when ur 110? cause im not level 81 and i havnt done the privious quests.. i went to see kenta.. there was no quest for the mount it was only the kenta’s research quest… SOS i want to ride my dragon

  37. Anonymous says:

    jesus 10 m

  38. Pika says:

    What? Thats way to many mesos! I cant even get 1 mil! -_- this is so not fair

  39. Anonymous says:

    can i still get the saddle after lvl 50???

  40. the guy says:

    no quest is there on grendel

  41. ognisty says:

    hey how do u know that if u dont do mount quests for lvs50&80 u cannot get mount for lv120?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Can you drop the stage 1 and 2 saddles once you get the stage 3 one?

  43. sakai says:

    there’s a FANGBLADE in perion? a FANGBLADE NPC? Where is he?

    • maplesushi says:

      He is where at the same map as Dances with Balrogs. The job advancement map.

    • kiddude says:

      He says “talk to Dqances with balrog if you want to become a warrior.

      P.S. it has him in his LOG OFF outfit

      • SLAYER says:

        I have a question about the frame of the gospel I’m lvl 70 and when I was lvl 50 aparesi Ariba focus of where you fit and not Hagar the quest of the frame.
        I may be desir alguin if the corruption Hagar the quest?

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