How to BigFoot

This is a simple guide I made for BFing for warriors. This is how I BF, so if you have a different method, don’t say I am wrong. Important things to have for BFing is stance. With stance, it will be much, much easier. Without stance, the speed of your killing will be cut in half.You will need at least 10k hp for heroes/paladins and probably around 21k hp for drks.

Here are the two ways to kill BF:

With Stance

If you have stance, first find the bf, then rush it to either side of the map. Hit it until it is pinned on the wall. Then, try to get closer to the bf until it jumps and does magic dmg (this should only deal 1-300 dmg). If it deals anywhere from 6k to 12k dmg, you are too close and should move back a little. Once the bf is jumping and you are not getting dealt a good heap of damage, simply spam your attack and you should be good to go. Once you get knocked back, try to move back into position. If you are a DrK and want to Zerk, you will need at least 21k hp. If you don’t have enough hp, use the 2nd method.

Without Stance

Warriors who don’t have stance or don’t have at least 15 stance should use this method. Simply find the bf and rush it into either wall. Then move back enough that the BF does not jump, and you are not hit. Also, make sure you can hit the BF from that position. Then use your attack whenever the BF is facing the wall. After hitting it, it should look at you, but still be pinned. Keep doing this until he is dead. When buffing, hit it, jump back and buff, then rush it back into the wall. This method is much easier than method #1 but is much slower.

Here is a map of Crimson Wood for you to find BFs.

BFs are located at all Twisted Paths, Forgotten Path, Evil Dead, and Evil Rising.

Evil Rising can be accessed through the sign in the middle of Phantom Road. (Watch out, Eldar Wraiths here)

Evil Dead can be accessed through the sign at the top of Forgotten Path. (Watch out, Eldar Wraiths here)

This map was not created by me.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    o..o bf hp got halfed o..o!

  3. Raul says:

    Heh I was accualy looking for something like this 😀 Thnx <33

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