Dragon Rider PQ Guide

The Dragon Rider PQ was first implemented during gMS v85, the 5th Anniversary patch.


  • Level 100+
  • Finished pre-quests
  • Any job is allowed
  • Party of at least 3 people who all meet the other requirements


Begin the pre-quests by talking to Chief Tatamo.

Quest #1: The Dragon Rider’s Identity 1

Talk to Chief Tatamo. Then go to Leafre: The Forest that Dissapeared and enter the bottom right portal. Talk to Matada.

Quest #2: Towards the Sky 1

Matada will ask for 1 Small Flaming Feather dropped by Blood Harps, 1 Sunset dew obtainable from the Leafre potion shop, and 10 Dragon Essences which are dropped by Green and Dark Cornians on the map previous of Matada.

Quest #3: Towards the Sky 2

After giving Matada these items, he will ask for one more item, a special potion. Go back to Tamato in Leafre and he will give it to you for free. Then, return to Matada. He will grant you with a flying skill. Use it to fly around on that map and during the PQ. It is important to get a hot-key for this skill.

Tamato will have another quest for you, The Dragon Rider’s Identity 2, however it is not necessary. If you wish to finish that quest, Draganoir’s horn, the etc needed is dropped in the Dragon Rider PQ.

Starting the PQ

To start the pq, create a party of at least 3 people who meet all the requirements. Then, the party leader should fly to the top of the PQ map (where Matada is) and press up at the portal. Once entered, the PQ will begin.

Stage 1

For stage 1-5, you just kill everything on each map and then enter the next map. You will need your soaring skill for the whole PQ. If you fall and touch the bottom, you will be dealt 500 dmg every few seconds, but will not be kicked from the PQ. But still stay away from the bottom. Also, if you die during the PQ you will lose full exp (same as outside of PQ). For the first stage, kill the 20-30 Soaring Green Eagles. (names are not exact)

Stage 2

Kill the Soaring Blue Eagles

Stage 3

Kill the Soaring Red Wyverns

Stage 4

Kill the Soaring Red, Blue, and Black Wyverns

Stage 5

Kill the Soaring Black Wyverns and the Griffey

Stage 6: Dragonoir

The 6th stage is the first boss stage. In the stage, you will fight the Draganoir and the time limit is 1 hour. He has 120 mil hp and deals 3k touch damage and about 4k magic damage. From the beginning, he uses seduce and his fire breath can stun you. When seduced, you may not pot and stay in the same position.

At 75% hp, Draganoir uses reflect. This is show by a blue skill infront of his head, him and his dragon will turn dark blue, and he will stop moving. Don’t hit him until a few seconds after he turns back to normal.  His other skills are drain, which will deduct about 200 mp everytime you receive touch damage from him.

Lastly, if you die on this stage, you CAN respawn. Simply click ok, and you will be sent to a safe spot. Go through the portal in the middle to re-enter the bossing map.

When Draganoir is killed, he will drop pots, Draganoir monster book cards, and Draganoir horns which are needed for Tatamo’s quest. Once dead, enter the portal to the right to go to the next stage.

*dead Draganoir*

Stage 7: Obstacles

The 7th stage is an obstacle course. There are falling rocks and spears that stun you. Try to avoid them and all party members must reach the portal to the right within 2 minutes. When you reach the spears, watch out for the top spear. There is a icicle sticking out that can get you stuck there forever. If that happens, kill yourself to restart or disconnect to allow your party to get through. EVERYONE must reach the portal for ANYONE to go to the next stage.

Stage 8: Dragon Rider

This is the last bossing stage of the Dragon Rider PQ. In this stage, you fight the Dragon Rider. He has 130 mil hp again. However, there is a 20 second cooldown on use items. Everytime you use a use item, you must wait 20 seconds before being able to use any other use item. Bringing different types of pots does not help.

Dragon Rider

The skills he uses are:

Drain. Resembled by the blue helix. It will drain about 100-200 mp every time you touch him. This could be deadly because of the pot cooldown.

Meteor. Deals about 3.5k damage. The cast is shown by him going into the air and a mini volcano appearing under him. Before the meteors strike, there are indicators that appear on the ground. They do not hurt you. Avoid the indicators to avoid being hit.

Kamayamaya. A almost-full map attack. It stretches across most of the screen in a long blast. You can see it coming by seeing the Dragon Rider pulling his hands back and it lighting up blue. Easily avoid this attack by ducking, or pressing down arrow.

*dead Dragon Rider*


After killing each of the bosses there is no prize. However, once you have finished the PQ, you will be rewarded with a Dragon Rider’s Box for you job. Click the box to obtain your prize.

So far this is a list of possible prizes I have heard of.

– All level 100 equips (equips that can be obtained through maker)

– Level 100 durability weapons

– Durability tablets

– Power Elixers

Finishing Quests

There are two quests that require finishing the PQ. The two quests are (continued from previous quests):

Quest #4: The Dragon Rider’s Identity 2

Chief Tatamo will ask you to bring him Draganoir’s horn. Kill Draganoir in the PQ and bring the horn back to Tatamo. Each Draganoir drops about 2 horns. Share them with your party and ask others if they need it before taking the horn. For this quest you will recieve ( ) exp.

Quest #5: Tears of Repentance

Start this quest by talking to the Dragon Rider NPC after killing him. He will appear near the middle of the map that you killed him in. Make sure not to advance before talking to him if you had not already finished this quest. After starting the quest, you may leave the PQ and recieve you reward. Then, head to Leafre and talk to Chief Tatamo. He will reward you with 1.2mil exp.


21 Responses to Dragon Rider PQ Guide

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  4. cameron greenley says:

    is this a good pq to lvl up from 100 to 120?

    • brandon says:

      ummm i just did this pq on saturday on my lvl 101 wind archer and it really depends what lvl the other party members are really

  5. Youknow says:

    How long does it normally take level 100-120s
    -thankks~ (:

  6. Rabbitman says:

    Do you lose exp if you die?

  7. Tev402 says:

    Well now I know the minimum req isn’t enough, a dexless sader would probably miss anyways.

  8. Poopie says:

    What levels are recommended to go?

    • maplesushi says:

      I would recommend 130+. But, if a friend wants you to go for HB or heal, that would also work. 130+ is if you want to be a damage dealer. Also remember the level req. is 100+.

  9. Oasis says:

    Oh btw, any use for resurr if pt members die at any stage? Thanks.

  10. Oasis says:

    This is a cool guide. Very detailed. Thanks man!

  11. Andrez says:

    So… In conclusion… The pq is not worth doing?
    Whats the benefits from it? I think i saw mostly nothing.

  12. Wulves says:

    Great guide. Very specific. Just what I needed!

  13. sgtgrif says:

    Pretty sure I got warrior pills from this PQ lol

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