Dual Blade Skills

Rouge – Levels 10-20

(Same as rouge minus lucky seven.)

Semi-Dualer – Levels 20 – 29

Image:Skill Dual Blade Mastery.png Dual Blade Mastery (Passive)

Description: [Maximum Level : 20] Increases the mastery and accuracy when using dagger blade skills. This only applies if equipped with a dual blade.

  • Level 1 : accuracy +1, mastery +15%
  • Level 10: accuracy +10, mastery +35%
  • Level 20: accuracy +20, mastery +60%

Image:Skill  Triple Stab.png Triple Stab (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 10] Attack multiple enemy three times in rapid succession.

Prerequisite: Double Stab Lv. 10

  • Level 1 : MP -16, damage +155%, attack ×2
  • Level 5 : MP -16, damage +175%, attack ×2
  • Level 10: MP -18, damage +200%, attack ×3

Image:Skill Twin Blade Booster.png Blade Booster (Buff)

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] Use MP and HP for a short time to increase the speed of the dagger. This skill can only be used if a dagger and dual blade is in hand.

Prerequisite: Dual Blade Mastery Lv. 5

  • Level 1 : HP -29, MP -29; improves dagger/blade speed for 10 sec.
  • Level 10: HP -20, MP -20; improves dagger/blade speed for 100 sec.
  • Level 20: HP -10, MP -10; improves dagger/blade speed for 200 sec.

Dualer – Levels 30-54

Endure (Passive)

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] Additional recovery for both HP and MP even while hanging still on a rope or a ladder. The higher the level, the faster the recovery time, along with recovering additional amounts of both MP and HP.

  • Level 1: Additional recovery of HP +24, MP +2 every 24 seconds.
  • Level 10: Additional recovery of HP +60, MP +20 every 15 seconds.
  • Level 20: Additional recovery of HP +100, MP +40 every 5 seconds.

Self-Haste (Buff)

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] Boost your own speed, then boost the jump of those around you.

  • Level 1: MP -15; Speed +2, jump +4 to party members for 10 seconds
  • Level 10: MP -15; Speed +20, jump +13 for 100 seconds
  • Level 20: MP -30; Speed +40, jump +23 for 200 seconds

Fatal Blow (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] Use MP to attack one enemy up to 8 times.

  • Level 1: MP -18; Attack 5x with 100% damage
  • Level 10: MP -22; Attack 6x with 145% damage
  • Level 20: MP -30; Attack 8x with 180% damage

Slash Storm (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] Use MP to attack multiple enemies twice.

  • Level 1: MP -12; Attacks 3 enemies, damage 98%, attack range 175%
  • Level 10: MP -18; Attacks 4 enemies, damage 135%, attack range 175%
  • Level 20: MP -24; Attacks 6 enemies, damage 160%, attack range 205%

Dual Master – Levels 55-69

Tornado Spin

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] Strike many of your enemies quickly with a strong spin attack. To Invoke: → → or ← ← and press the attack button.


Tornado Spin (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] Strike many of your enemies quickly with a strong spin attack. To Invoke: → → or ← ← and press the attack button.

  • Level 1: MP – 18; Attacks 3 enemies, damage 152%, attack range 180%
  • Level 10: MP – 22; Attacks 4 enemies, damage 200%, attack range 240%
  • Level 10: MP – 30; Attacks 8 enemies, damage 250%, attack range 280%

Flash Bang (Attack)

(Click for animation)

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] Toss a few flash bangs on the ground to decrease a number of your enemies’ accuracy for a duration.

  • Level 1: MP -62; Attacks 10 enemies, damage 50%, Enemy’s accuracy -80 for 10 seconds, for success rate 51%, time required between skills:  80 seconds.
  • Level 10: MP -80; Attacks 10 enemies, damage 50%, Enemy’s accuracy -80 for 10 seconds, for success rate 60%, time required between skills:  80 seconds.
  • Level 20: MP -100; Attacks 15 enemies, damage 50%, Enemy’s accuracy -85 for 20 seconds, for success rate 70%, time required between skills:  60 seconds.

Flash Jump (Skill)

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] Jump into the air and use this skill for an extra boost in the direction you face. The distance of the Jump increases in accordance with the advancement of the character’s skill level.

  • Level 1: MP -60; Jumps a certain distance.
  • Level 10: MP -33; Jumps a certain distance.
  • Level 20: MP -13; Jumps a certain distance.

Slasher – Levels 70-119

Advanced Dark Sight (Passive)

Description:[Maximum Level: 20] Attack while in Dark Sight. With a certain probability, remain in dark sight after attacking.

Prerequisite: Level 20 Dark Sight

  • Level 1: remain in dark sight after attacking for a 11% success rate.
  • Level 10: remain in dark sight after attacking for a 29% success rate.
  • Level 20: remain in dark sight after attacking for a 49% success rate.

Bloody Storm (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 10] A more advanced version of Slash Storm. Attack even more enemies quicker than before.

Prerequisite: Level 20 Slash Storm

  • Level 1: MP -35; 190% damage, Attacks 6 enemies, Attacks 2 Times, 250% range
  • Level 10: MP -42; 280% damage, Attacks 8 enemies, Attacks 2 Times, 300% range

Mirror Image (Buff)

Description: [Maximum Level: 30] Focus for a period of time to summon your alternate self. Your alternate self will attack with you.

  • Level 1: MP -250; Mirrors 22% Damage for 60 seconds.
  • Level 10: MP -250; Mirrors 31% Damage for 60 seconds.
  • Level 20: MP -230; Mirrors 50% Damage for 120 seconds
  • Level 30: MP -200; Mirrors 60% Damage for 180 seconds.

Dead Owl (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] If your owl attacks and kills the enemy, your next few attacks will be increased by 1.5 times.

  • Level 1: MP -50; Attacks 1 enemy, 200% damage, 21% Probability to 1 hit K.O, next 3 attacks will be increased by 1.5 times, 300% range, time required between skills:  130 seconds.
  • Level 10: MP -60; Attacks 1 enemy, 290% damage, 30% Probability to 1 hit K.O, next 6 attacks will be increased by 1.5 times, 300% range, time required between skills:  85 seconds.
  • Level 20: MP -80; Attacks 1 enemy, 390% damage, 40% Probability to 1 hit K.O, next 9 attacks will be increased by 1.5 times, 300% range, time required between skills:  60 seconds.

Upper Stab (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] Pop your enemies into the air. While your enemies are in the air, they receive more damage.

  • Level 1: MP -25; Attacks 3 enemies, 150% damage, +32% Damage while enemy in air,  176% range.
  • Level 10: MP -30; Attacks 4 enemies, 195% damage, +50% Damage while enemy in air,  176% range.
  • Level 20: MP -40; Attacks 6 enemies, 245% damage, +70% Damage while enemy in air,  176% range.

Flying Assaulter (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 20] Attack in a downward, diagonal spiral to strike your enemies from above.

Prerequisite: Level 20 Self-Haste

  • Level 1: MP -24; Attacks 4 enemies, 2 Times, 160% launching damage, 3% Chance to Stun for 4 Seconds, 250% range.
  • Level 10: MP -24; Attacks 5 enemies, 2 Times, 250% launching damage, 5% Chance to Stun for 5 Seconds, 270% range.
  • Level 20: MP -36; Attacks 8 enemies, 2 Times, 400% launching damage, 7% Chance to Stun for 6 Seconds, 320% range.

Dual Blader – Levels 120+

Venom (Passive)

Description: [Maximum Level: 30] Smear your blades with venom. Stacks up to three times. This cannot make the enemy’s HP fall below 1.

  • Level 1: 32% chance of poisoning enemies for 4 seconds, dealing 31 damage a second.
  • Level 10: 38% chance of poisoning enemies for 4 seconds, dealing 40 damage a second.
  • Level 20: 44% chance of poisoning enemies for 6 seconds, dealing 50 damage a second.
  • Level 30: 50% chance of poisoning enemies for 8 seconds, dealing 60 damage a second.

Final Cut (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 30] Charge up your power to launch a huge attack on your foes. Hold down skill button to keep attacking.
Cooldown: 100 seconds

  • Level 1: MP -150; attack 8 enemies, 920% damage, 40% Maximum Strength, 30 seconds charge.
  • Level 10: MP -200; attack 8 enemies, 1100% damage, 45% Maximum Strength, 35 seconds charge.
  • Level 20: MP -300; attack 8 enemies, 1300% damage, 55% Maximum Strength, 45 seconds charge.
  • Level 30: MP -400; attack 8 enemies, 1500% damage, 65% Maximum Strength, 60 seconds charge.

Monster Bomb (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 30] Throw a sticky bomb which attaches to one of your enemies. After a short duration, it explodes causing damage to all mobs surrounding the bomb. Explodes after 3 seconds.

  • Level 1: MP -130; attacks 15 enemies, 820% damage, cooldown 60 seconds.
  • Level 10: MP -130; attacks 15 enemies, 1000% damage, cooldown 55 seconds.
  • Level 20: MP -180; attacks 15 enemies, 1100% damage, cooldown 45 seconds.
  • Level 30: MP -230; attacks 15 enemies, 1200% damage, cooldown 30 seconds.

Sudden Raid (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 30] Attack up to 15 monsters on the screen with large amounts of damage.

  • Level 1: MP -400; 305% damage.
  • Level 10: MP -440; 350% damage.
  • Level 20: MP -780; 540% damage.
  • Level 30: MP -980; 600% damage.

Chains of Hell (Attack)

Description: [Maximum Level: 30] While in Dark Sight, fling a chain in front of you to attach it to a monster. Pull it close to you, then attack the enemy 12 times.

  • Level 1: MP -55;  100% damage.
  • Level 10: MP -55;  145% damage.
  • Level 20: MP -65;  195% damage.
  • Level 30: MP -75;  250% damage.

Stack Effect (Buff)

Description: [Maximum Level: 30] Your Mirror Image stops attacking and will instead take some damage in your place.


Thorns (Party Buff)

Description: [Maximum Level: 30] Add critical damage to the attack of all party members. Characters who already have critical damage will increase their chances of dealing critical damage.

  • Level 1: MP -300; 103% critical damage on 5% chance for 60 seconds.
  • Level 10: MP -300; 130% critical damage on 10% chance for 60 seconds.
  • Level 20: MP -330; 200% critical damage on 25% chance for 100 seconds.
  • Level 30: MP -400; 250% critical damage on 35% chance for 120 seconds.

(Dual Bladers also have Maple Warrior and Hero’s Will)

(Certain skills require Blade Mastery Level 5. I left it out since it is assumed that Mastery would be maxed by then.)


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  2. sharkboy says:

    chain of hell requires hiw much dark sight??

  3. Anonymous says:

    it’s already here they use blade and katara

  4. Lv 200 Dual Blader says:

    I have on question???
    Is Shadower better or Dual Blade because I am lv 200 dual blader and I never tried Shadower. Which is better. Shadower VS Dual Blade???? LOL

  5. PepsifanXQA says:

    there are many things to update here sushi. just fyi 😛

  6. Anonymous says:

    ummmmm just gotta say i can gain 48 in less than a monsth if i constantly train and only stop to repot o.o

    • Anonymous says:

      You should honestly be able to fly threw lvl 1-35 very easily in about 4 hours. 35-50 may take about another 4-7 hours. Although, 51-70 is not easily estimated. It just depends on how much dedication you have.

  7. Anonymous says:

    hi guy,

    i just reach 3rd job plus, wheni try to add teh sp to one of teh skill, it say , 1st, 2nd & 2nd + poitn insufficenit, what does thsi mean, currently i have 50 sp balance

    • diamondjohn5 says:

      you have to spend your points in your previous jobs first, you cant spend your previous jobs points on the 3rd job advancement.

  8. Lv 162 Dual Blader says:

    I am lv 200 nowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!


    I can’t belieave it!

    Can u guyz help me pick which character should I do now? THanks


    • U Fatty says:

      You cant gain 48 levels in less than a month.-.-‘

      Annoying Troll,
      i doubt ur even level 162.

      • Anonymous says:

        yes u can stuiped im level 42 in 2 days. 2 more days or 1 i will be 55 or 52 …. Ur Bs

      • Shadowbanggg says:

        I reached level 55 in 4 hours of training with my dual blade easy, i reached level 80 in 3 days. Some people reach it faster. You just don’t know where to train.

      • Stfu noob says:

        wtf “U Fatty” are you dumb or what? ofcourse everyone can get 48 lvls in one month you just need dedictation dichhead seriously..

      • ben says:

        ya u can its called havning no life

  9. انا مش فاهم اى حاجه

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Lv 162 Dual Blader says:

    This site rocks. I am lv 162 with dual blade. But I knew how to get the job for Dual Blader but it was so hard to become Slasher when I was lv 70. Thanks man Peace Out!

  12. Nameless says:

    Tis website is the best and rocks

  13. PepsifanXQA says:

    Noobs, its called a katara, even in kms 😛

  14. DabinHgo says:

    thank you , but
    can u tell me

    the best place to get leech or level up fast ?
    for lvl 105 DB =D thank you

    • Shadowbanggg says:

      I’m level 126, so i have trained at these area’s myself.

      level 100-110: Kru’s (location: Herb town. [vic>orbis>mu lung>herb town] You can also train here to 120, but most change to the next area.)

      level 111-120: LHC (lion heart castle, located in el nath. [Vic>orbis>el nath.])

      I told how to get to different places just in case you don’t know how.

  15. Iamanoob says:

    I don’t know… They said something about having to buy Slash Storm’s mastery book O.O And that Bloody storm can’t be learned until you spend 5k NX just for that measly skill… What a waste, Bloody Storm was that powerful. Makes you invulnerable, glides through floor, 8 mobs and 2 hits each, it’s a waste.

  16. .......hi says:

    thanks maplesushi i can hav a better info of dual blade…

  17. DuelSlasher says:

    wth u got everything wrong on this page lvl 55 is called a “dual Specilist” and when ur lvl 70 u will be a blade lord u idiots

    • ... says:

      this is from the KMST numbnuts
      tryna be “know it all” huh you fuckface
      calling people idiots…wat an idiot -___-

    • xxx says:

      wth u are such a noob…u r playing maple global or wat???u must understand maple global n KMS are big big different u @ss h0le! u think they have the same Game admin ??? i m pretty sure u just started playing maple days ago huh? thats y u dnt knw wats the differents between server n server huh?? if maplesushi is an idiot..then y u look at this page?? that gives the meaning u are even more idiot than him/her u idiot!!!dumb@ssssssssssss!

    • lolol says:

      you cant even spell dual properly.. fail

      • Lv 162 Dual Blader says:

        First of all Dual Slasher you are the one who is a idiot. First you become a Dual Master and then you become Slasher idiot. Get your facts right man. fail fail fail fail LOL~~~~~

      • THE actual BASEDGOD Himself says:

        lol lvl 162 is a chode boy! Ha!

  18. x3EmoBlade says:

    when will Dual bladers be coming out in singapore??

  19. MapleUnagi says:

    For Slash Storm , Only the mastered skill adds the swing at the end . Why is that ?

    • Chrisirhc says:

      Because the skill says that the attacks get more elaborate as it levels up, so it adds more attacks, so when it has all of it’s attack, the full animation appears.

  20. amanda says:

    Thanks for the help btw, with those other skills do u buy them from cash shop or u gte them and those mastery books are just in cs to max?

    • maplesushi says:

      For the 2-3rd job skills, the cash shop mastery books are the only ones required. For the 4th job skills, there are also pre-requisite books which are dropped from monsters and bosses, but I am currently unsure which.

  21. Jason says:

    can dual blades use two weapons?

    (Nexon changed the lanch date to Jult 21 2010

  22. Jason says:

    Can dual blades use two weapons?

  23. cackacaca says:

    dam they canceled it…. its coming out on the 21st now

  24. Kyle says:

    does anyone know which mastry ooks drop from monsters [and which ones] and which u have to pay for with nx

  25. Danny says:

    Y wont Maplestory ever get pets for mesos that attack or pick up….BUT I CANT WANT FOR DB SO OVERPOWERD I STILL WORKING MY DIT HES LEVLE 136 AND….IM JUST GOING TO MAKE A DB.

  26. alex says:

    2 more mother effin days wooooohhhhhoooooooo cant wait i heard about this since like evans came out in gms

  27. Anonymous says:

    Sadly the overpowered DB making thousands of people quit their dits

    • Okami says:

      ya xD but they may return with the big bang update (currently aviable only in kms) because they get shadow partner too 😀

  28. noobie211 says:

    i waiting dual blade till going crazy!!! aran n evan borring!!

  29. Noob says:

    Do Dual Blades summon owls? Or is that just a cash shop item?

  30. someguywhoplaysmaplestory says:

    i guess no one gona use bandits any more !.!

  31. john says:

    fatal blow is hella ovwerpowered like savage blow times 4 cuz savage is 60% 6 times which is 360% and fatal is 1440%

    • maplesushi says:

      I know, that’s why Dual Blade is so strong. But, one thing to remember, Dual Bladers have two weapons, so they alternate. The blade is weaker, so half of their attacks are weaker.

      • Knuxer says:

        Don’t they also have pretty bad max HP?

      • maplesushi says:

        I believe they have similar HP to shadower. That is..more than Archers, more than NLs, and more than corsairs. They have less than warriors, arans, and buccaneers.

      • ...777 says:

        they hav even mp and hp. unlike evans where they have realy low hp and high mp and arans hav the total opposite, dbs are kinda equal

  32. Mr.No Name says:

    Thank u XD

  33. Mr.No Name says:

    When Do They Come Out??? >..> >,.,<

  34. xDualBlade says:

    LoL Justin can’t spell 😀 That’s all i had to say 😀

  35. mr no name says:

    dual blade sure must be very pro

  36. Willzor says:

    Sushi u made an error with the skill slash storm u puted 10 2 time

  37. gg says:

    how do u make the jobadvac to semidualer

  38. Fye says:

    I heard some skills require a nx book thing? like the evan, is that true?

  39. Billy says:

    Are they a seperate class from the adventurers? Or do you make an adventurer and then change jobs into a dual blader?

    • maplesushi says:

      They are considered adventurers/explorers however they have their own “selection” in the Create Character selection screen. They start out on Maple Island and become rouges then at level 20 become a dual blade.

  40. aznkiwi says:

    what skills require a mastery book?

  41. Jerry says:

    Is Mirror Image just like Shadow Partner? If it is does that mean it also hits x2 you skills?

  42. TheCookieMS says:

    Mirror Image needs Summorning Rock to operate?????

  43. iLOVEmaple says:

    wat is the max lvl of dual blade????

  44. DraggyMon says:

    i feel terrible for the dits…DB gets the same skill as them but with lower mastery level and more damage a slash (80% versus 180%) for second job.

  45. GMS Player™ says:

    LOL when all heros are come pink bean is so dead in GMS!

  46. Sakaiz says:

    wat mount Dual blade use?

  47. Anonymous says:

    they adding dex or str?

  48. TheCookieMS says:

    when does the Dual Blades come to GMS??? can you tell me the year and month? ty 🙂

    • maplesushi says:

      I will guess July. I am not 100% sure, but I am guessing that because Nexon will probably want it to come out in the summer. Also, it obviously can’t be this patch. They also ussually have a promo site going on. If you see one, it will be the next patch.

  49. Andy says:

    Does Thorns stack with Sharp Eyes?

    • maplesushi says:

      I don’t believe so. I think they are like other skills/pots. When something gives the same attribute, it cancels out the previous buff. For example, an onyx apple will cancel a warrior pot.

  50. Fye says:

    So dual blades both use a dagger and a dual blade as their weapon?

    • maplesushi says:

      They use a dagger and the dual blade is like a shield for them like the khanjar and dragon khanjar. They need a dagger to attack, the dual blade basically just adds attack.

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