Dual Blade Teaser Site Release!

June 30, 2010

On the MapleStory website, right in the center they added a new link to the new Dual Blade Website! I guess Dual Blade WILL be coming out in July (21st).

The direct link to the site is http://maplestory.nexon.net/DualBlade/

Here’s what it looks like.

Here are some previous guides that I’ve made that can come in handy for Dual Blade.

Good luck! Read these to know what dual blade is all about before it’s even out!


Vega’s Spell Scrolls and Viscious Hammer Sale

June 30, 2010

Just logged in today right after server check and I was right, vega’s scrolls are back and there will be a viscious hammer sale. Sell those bwgs and scgs?

Maple Theory – The Arena

June 29, 2010

Hello ladies and gentlemen, consider this my introduction to AskSushi.

First to explain, I ran my own website, Maple Theory in an attempt to explain and elaborate upon my ideas for the world of Maple Story. I was invited to join and do the same thing here, by posting articles or theories explaining various things I feel would be good implementations to the game.

Now onto my first theory on AskSushi, the Arena. The article will make more sense if you first read my theory on Little Leaf Boulevard and the NLC Harbor as the Arena is the main attraction of the boulevard.

Now the Arena is inspired mainly by the Mu Lung Dojo and is a combination of events and activities that can be completed within to earn various prizes and such. Now on my website this theory would be considered a “runner” or a continuously growing theory due to new additions.

One would enter via LLB into a waiting room, given the option to talk to an NPC, to begin an event or to go it solo. Just to get right down to it, I had several ideas for various events and activities in The Arena.


Onslaught would be most closely related to either the Kerning or Ariant Survival PQs. The quest would consist of waves of monsters coming at the player until they resign to the masses and are killed. There would however be a slight difference. One would be the overall theme lack, Onslaught would be a combination of monsters, pertaining not to a location but to a level bracket. The monsters would continue to come in increasing numbers and level until the player is killed, being rewarded experience and ArP based on their performance and how many waves they survived.


PvP is a very touchy subject in MapleStory due to a lack of balance and various other factors that would cause some to deem PvP unfair.

First off I would like to point you to two posts on my website on the matter…

PvP in MapleStory?

I would recommend you read both before proceeding. However these I feel mention how in the first one PvP would work and in the second what it could be used to do. I envision it as, not outward melee fighting but using the ability to attack one another to accomplish another goal. Capture the Flag is a good example.

Now while admittedly this article was short and rather rushed I would point you to my website Maple Theory for the other articles. Now this article will be posted there in due course and updated as will the others there. Thank you for reading the first Maple Theory post on AskSushi.

Spirit Diviner, Soul Conjurer, Soul Guardian, and Saint Exorcist Medals

June 28, 2010

This is a quick guide to getting the Spirit Diviner, Soul Conjurer, Soul Guardian, and Saint Exorcist Medals. Some of you may want the Saint Exorcist medal but not see it under available medals. That is because you must first complete the previous title quests. Here is how to get each of them.

The four medals go in this order Spirit Diviner > Soul Conjurer > Soul Guardian > Saint Exorcist.

So, to get any medal of these you must complete the previous ones first.

Here is how to get them. You can first start the “challenge” by going to your medals menu and challenging them. To complete them, go to Dalair or The Remember in Sleepywood.

Spirit Diviner (Quest Lvl 40, Req. Lvl 46)

  • MP +33
  • Weapon Defence +10
  • Magic Defence +10
Item(s) Needed:
Zombie Lupin Card x 1
Platoon Chronos Card x 1
Master Chronos Card x 1
Mummydog Card x 1
Wraith Card x 1

Defeat 444 each of Zombie Lupin, Platoon Chronos, Master Chronos, Mummydog, and Wraith.

Soul Conjurer (Quest Lvl 57, Req. Lvl 62)

  • MP +55
  • Weapon Defence +15
  • Magic Defence +15
Item(s) Needed:
Skeleton Soldier Card x 1
Officer Skeleton Card x 1
Coolie Zombie Card x 1
Minor Zombie Card x 1
Zombie Mushmom Card x 1

Defeat 444 each of Skeleton Soldier, Officer Skeleton, Coolie Zombie, and Minor Zombie, and 44 of Zombie Mushmom.

Soul Guardian (Quest Lvl 67, Req. Lvl 75)

  • STR +2
  • DEX +2
  • INT +2
  • LUK +2
  • MP +77
  • Weapon Defence +20
  • Magic Defence +20
Item(s) Needed:
Soul Teddy Card x 1
Master Soul Teddy Card x 1
Saitie Card x 1
Dark Klock Card x 1
Master Death Teddy Card x 1

Defeat 444 each of Soul Teddy, Master Soul Teddy, Saitie, Dark Klock, and Master Death Teddy.

Saint Exorcist (Quest Lvl 92, Req. Lvl 100)

  • STR +3
  • DEX +3
  • INT +3
  • LUK +3
  • MP +99
  • Weapon Defence +25
  • Magic Defence +25
Item(s) Needed:
Bone Fish Card x 1
Phantom Watch Card x 1
Grim Phantom Watch Card x 1
Skelegon Card x 1
Skelosaurus Card x 1

Defeat 444 each of Bone Fish, Phantom Watch, Grim Phantom Watch, Skelegon, and Skelosaurus.

After the Saint Exorcist Medal, there are no more quests in the quest line. I hope this helps! Good Luck.

Starting from scratch, these medals take an average of one week to complete. A 14x Bishop took 5 days, 4 hours a day to complete these quest/challenges.

Shoulder Equipment

June 27, 2010

After the recent patch I have notice a new change in the equipment UI. Look below.

New shoulder equips. Possibly coming out next patch? What do we have to expect. Just more defence…or possibly some good stats. Also, will these be rare and possibly come from gachapon or will they be added to maker and common stores?

Choosing the Explorer that’s Right for for You

June 25, 2010

This was not created by me. This is a guide made by Nexon and was posted in the GM Blog on 6/25/2010. I hope this helps you answer the question that everyone asks: What job should I be? Have fun!

Welcome to AcornStory, our new ongoing feature where we help you get started in Maple World – everything from choosing a class to finding friends to understanding combat to tips for account security. MapleStory is easy to learn, but once you learn the basic game mechanics, where do you go and what do you do? That’s where AcornStory can help.

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Explorer and Lilin Ring Glitch

June 24, 2010


A new glitch has been found and confirmed. Basically, there is a way to wear both the Lilin’s Ring and Explorer Rings (Cruel Ring, Critical Ring, or Explorer Ring). Also, I have heard you can get multiple explorer rings if you level multiple characters. This glitch works if you also have multiple explorer rings. It is a very simple glitch. Basically, you have to use a NX ring cover on the first ring. Then you can simply wear the second one. If you have 3 rings, have NX covers on the first two. NX Covers can be name tags, chat bubbles, friendship rings, aura rings, Mapler Rings and the Welcome Back Ring.

Hope this helps! I am not sure if you want to do this for too long incase of bans. I personally am not going to do it.