Dual Blade Mount

Many people have wondering what mount Dual Blade will get. Unfortunately, Dual Bladers don’t get a new mount. Since they come from the Thief class and start out as Rouges, they are actually Adventurers or Explorers. Therefore, their mounts are Hog (Lvl 70), Silver Mane (Lvl 120), and Red Draco (Lvl 200).

I also just learned about this recently, so don’t be alarmed if you didn’t know.

To see how to get the adventurer mounts go here.

The above guide was not made by me.

– Hog (Level 70)

– Silver Mane (Level 120)

– Red Draco (Level 200)


18 Responses to Dual Blade Mount

  1. poemas para madres…

    […]Dual Blade Mount « AskSushi[…]…

  2. Alioune says:


    […]Dual Blade Mount « AskSushi[…]…

  3. Maksim125 says:

    I wish it was a owl…..they are all about owls in that place..theres even a person standing on a owl…

  4. rex says:

    guyz wer can i get a free adventurer mount for my duel blade? im lvl 57

  5. Nighthexer says:

    The tiger mount is part of a package and is like the gargoyles, unicorns, and lions. It’s a skill, requires no feeding, and lasts a limited time.

  6. fallcon says:

    thats wrong the dual blades actual mount is a tiger there are probably 3-4 videos showing it

  7. Pspfreak says:

    Poor Uninformed bob.
    I have sympathy for him.

  8. bob... says:

    Dual blade has nothing to do with the adventurer class other than sharing it’s name… Dual Blades do not advance at 10,30,70, and 120 like adventurers do. They also ride a tiger not the mounts you listed above. Also Dual Bladers do not start in maple isle like real adventurers do. Even if dual bladers aren’t legends they are closer to them then they are to adventurers.

    • JunCurious says:

      Hahaha, this “bob” is so oblivious.
      So what if DBs don’t advance at 10,30,70?

      They’re trained by a rival/enemy of the Dark Lord; naturally, they would be trained differently.
      They do become Rogue in Kerning.

      And that “Tiger mount” he mentioned? IT’S NX!
      Nub >_>

      Dual Bladers are very much an Adventurer class.
      They are also an enemy of the NLs and Shadowers, but that doesn’t change their Adv. status.

    • maplesushi says:

      They are adventurers and the tiger mount is a cash shop mount that came out during the dual blade event. It is not their mount. They use adventurer mounts.

    • HeavenPierce says:

      u r damn noob~

  9. mapletheory says:

    Im sort of glad the old mounts are back for DBs and that way they wont get a 5x mount.

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