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Dual Bladers are counted as thieves. They follow the beginning of adventurers and therefore start on maple island. Here is a quick guide to become a Dual Blade and how to get all the skills, etc.

Dual Blade Story

The Dark Lord. It’s an unfortunate name, for it brings up images of evil and fear. Yet the one who bears that title does so not because he is evil, but because he spends so much time in the dark, battling against the things that would bring Maple World down. It’s a high and lonely destiny, one borne well by all those who have carried the title.

The former Dark Lord was a great man who spent his life fighting against the forces of darkness. As all Dark Lords must, he had carefully groomed possible successors. His two greatest students were a young man named Jin and his own daughter, who is known to us now only as ‘Lady Syl.’ Both were excellent students, people of great strength and moral character and he cherished and loved both of them. In turn, Lady Syl and Jin revered their teacher and developed a great affection for each other. Times were happy as they all trained and worked together.

The trouble began with an urgent request from Tristan, the Dark Lord’s friend. It seemed that Balrog had been resurrected and was destroying Victoria Island. The Dark Lord immediately headed out to help but when he arrived in Sleepywood, his friend Tristan was nowhere to be found. He eventually tracked down Balrog and faced him in mortal combat. Alas, Balrog is a foe not so easily beaten for his evil is not merely physical, but spiritual as well. The Dark Lord lost his focus for a split second and allowed Balrog’s evil to slip past his shields – and he lost his soul. The Dark Lord had become one of the very monsters he had spent his life defeating and began attacking Kerning City.

Jin, who had followed his master against his wishes, witnessed everything. In despair and agony, he tried to appeal to the thing that was his former master, trying to get it to remember the man of virtue and honor he once was. Alas, it was no use! Jin knew what he would have to do, what his true master would have wanted and he defeated the monster that wore his master’s beloved face. Tears stinging his eyes, Jin carried the body back home to bury him in honor and succeed him as Dark Lord.

As it happened, Balrog claimed two victims that day. Lady Syl, her mind and soul shattered by the loss of her beloved father, blamed Jin for not protecting him. In time she came to believe that Jin had even engineered her father’s death in order to take his position as Dark Lord. Nothing Jin could say or do could convince her that she was mistaken, that he would have given anything to save her father’s life and that he never wanted to become Dark Lord in this way. It did not work. Lady Syl’s heart grew cold and bitter, hating the man she had loved with a cold fury that was like a wall of ice between them.

The last time they saw one another, Jin made one last entreaty to Lady Syl, begging her to remember her father’s honor and greatness and the love they had once shared. Lady Syl merely promised him that when the end came, his death would rival her father’s in pain and anguish.

Now there is a secret war raging in the heart of Kerning City. Lady Syl and her Dual Blades continue her struggle against the Dark Lord from an unknown location simply known as the ‘Secret Garden.’ Her new organization is growing in strength and more and more skillful Rogues are disappearing. The Dark Lord knows that Lady Syl is getting ready to make her move, though he does not yet know what that move will be.

Meanwhile, a man named Ryden in a back alley of Kerning City begins talking to travelers here and there, making an interesting offer.

At the Secret Garden, Lady Syl takes care of her plants, gathers her forces and nurses her ever-growing rage and bitterness towards the Dark Lord.

Yet in the silence of her empty heart, a tiny ember of something she’d long thought extinguished remains. Whether it can burst into flame before she and the Dark Lord destroy one another, no one knows.

Written by Nexon America. Can be found at http://maplestory.nexon.net/DualBlade/story.html

Becoming a Dual Blader

Quest #1 : First, you start off at Maple Island. Get to level 2 which should be easy and a light bulb should pop up. Accept it to recieve a white headband.

White Headband (Req Lvl. 2)
Weapon Defense: +5
Magic Defense: +5
Number of Upgrades Available: 7

Quest#2 : At level 9, a second quest should appear. Make you way to Victoria Island and go to Kerning City by taxi or by clicking the Episode 1 Statues at the right of Lith Harbor for an instant teleport. Accept the quest and get to level 10 to make the thief job advancement. Talk to the Dark Lord in Thieve’s Hideout to make the job advancement. Afterward, go to Ryden to receive Owl Earrings.

– Ryden

Owl Earrings (Req Lvl. 10)
Magic Defense: +2
Number of Upgrades Available: 5

Quest #3 : After becoming a Rouge, talk to Ryden. He will ask you to talk to the Dark Lord and finish his quests.

Quest #4 : Talk to the Dark Lord to start the next quest. Kill 20 shrooms. After killing the 20 shrooms, return to the Dark Lord to recieve 1,300 exp.

Quest #5 : This time, Dark Lord will need you to kill 10 stumps. Kill them and return to the Dark Lord to get 1,500 exp

After completing the last 2 quests, return to Ryden to finish quest #3 and receive 2,000 exp. You should now be about level 12 and be able to start the next quest.

Quest #6 : Talk to Ryden again then go to Nella who is outside of the Kerning hair salon to receive 1,500 exp.

– Nella

Quest #7 : Nella will ask you to talk to JM from the Streetz. Talk to him to get another 1,500 exp.

JM from the Streetz

Quest #8 : JM from the Streetz will then ask you to talk to Mr. Pickall who is towards the right of the subway entrance. Talk to him to get another easy 1,500 exp.

– Mr. Pickall

Quest #9 : Lastly, he will then ask you to go back to Ryden. Talk to him to get the last 1,500 exp.

Now you should be slightly above level 13. Train to level 14 to start the next quest.

Quest #10 : At level 14, go back to Ryden. He will ask you to talk to the Thief Job Instructor. He can be found at Construction Site North of Kerning City which is two maps right of Kerning City. Talk to him, then return to Ryden for 3,000 exp.

– Thief Job Instructor

Quest #11 : Afterward, Ryden will ask for you to gather 20 map pieces from bubblings. Go to the Kerning City subway and hunt bubblings for map pieces. After collecting 20, head back to the Thief Job Instructor for 3,000 exp.

– Map Piece

Then head back to Ryden to get 3,500 exp.

Quest #12 : Ryden will then ask you to kill 30 ribbon pigs to receive 3,800 exp and 30 white potions.

Quest #13 : At level 16, Ryden will ask you to eliminate octopus and gather 20 octopus legs to receive 3,800 exp.

Quest #14 : Ryden will then say she also needs 20 leaves which drop from dark stumps. They also drop from stumpys but they are level 35.

Quest #15 : Ryden will ask you to place posters around Kerning City. You will know where to place them from big letters pointing to where to place them. Click the letters or that area to place the posters. Paste the three posters at the following locations and return to Ryden for 4,000 exp.

After clicking, a poster like this should appear.

Quest #16 : At level 18, Ryden will ask you to collect 4 different colored shields. Each shield will be a different quest and they must be collected in order.

The first shield is purple and is dropped from octopus.

The second shield is blue and is dropped from bubblings.

The third shield is green and is dropped from stirges.

The fourth and last shield is red and is dropped from dark stumps.

Shields look like this.

Quest #17 : At level 19, Ryden will believe in your skills and ask you to talk to Lady Syl. Talk to him again to enter the Blade’s Hideout.

First, find Shiba to get 3,500 exp.

– Shiba

Then, use the escalators and talk to Yun to get another 3,500 exp.

– Yun

Go to the right most of the map you are on and enter the portal. Talk to Seolhui. She will ask you to get a necklace for her.

– Lady Syl (Dual Blade Job Advancement NPC)

Quest #18 : Talk to Lady Syl to start your next quest. Go to the map on your far left and enter the room. Hit the orbs there and pick up the marbles. Double-click the marbles in your inventory until you get the necklace. Once you have gotten the necklace, return to Lady Syl to finish the quest.

– Hit these orbs

– Pick up these marbles and click them

– Repeat process until you get this necklace

After completing this quest, Lady Syl will see your abilities. Level to 20 to gain the job advancement to Semi-Dualer.

She will give you a level 20 blade and if you receive this advancement in the event period, you will also receive a Shabby Mask.

Blade (Req Lvl. 20)

  • REQ DEX: 40
  • REQ LUK: 70
  • Weapon Attack: +18
  • HP: +150
  • Faster (3)
  • Number of Upgrades Available: 7

Quest #19 : Now that you’re a semi-dualer, a new quest will be available. Talk to Lady Syl, then get down the escalator and talk to Suri the Owl to get 3,000 exp.

– Suri the Owl

Quest #20 : Suri the Owl will then ask you to eliminate 50 Shadow Dualers. Enter Training Room 1 and kill the Shadow Dualers then go back to Suri the Owl to get 5,500 exp. The number training room is shown by the number of blades at the top.

Shadow Dualer

  • Level: 20
  • HP: 350
  • MP: 30
  • EXP: 32
  • Avoid: 7
  • Knockback: 35
  • Magic Attack: 60
  • Magic Defense: 60
  • Physical Attack: 90
  • Physical Defense: 10

Quest #21 : At level 25, you will be ready for your next training session. Head back to Suri the Owl and enter Training Room 2 and kill 60 Giant Shadows. Get back to Suri the Owl to get 9,000 exp.

Giant Shadow

  • Level: 25
  • HP: 550
  • MP: 50
  • EXP: 42
  • Avoid: 8
  • Knockback: 55
  • Magic Attack: 30
  • Magic Defense: 30
  • Physical Attack: 90
  • Physical Defense: 20

Quest #22 : At level 28, a light bulb will appear above your head. This quest is required in the Quest Line. First, talk to Shiba. Then he will ask you to go to Mr. Pickall for help. Talk to him. Lastly, find Manji in Perion to recieve 25,000 exp.

– Manji

Get back to Lady Syl to complete the quest and recieve 30,000 exp.

Quest #23 : Another light bulb will appear on your head at level 29. This time you must talk to Lady Syl. Then, enter the Jazz Bar (where Dark Lord is) and go through the portal which goes through a broken wall. Inside, you will see a book. Click it and copies of the Dark Lord will summon. Kill them all to continue. After killing all of them, speak to the book again to take the book.

Dark Lord Copy

  • Level: 33
  • HP: 1500
  • MP: 60
  • Avoid: 15
  • Speed: 10
  • Knockback: 150
  • Magic Attack: 90
  • Magic Defense: 80
  • Physical Attack: 120
  • Physical Defense: 70

Return to Lady Syl to complete the quest.

Quest #24 : At level 30, you will be granted your 2nd job advancement to a Dualer! Talk to Lady Syl to receive the advancement and a level 30 overall!

– Dual Blade Suit (Need translation)

  • Required Level: 30
  • DEX: +1
  • LUK: +1
  • WDEF: +42
  • Upgrades Available: 10
  • Untradable

Also, get to Dalair for your Dualer Medal. Also, you can now get your Green Mask if you achieve this level within the event period.

Quest #25 : After the job advancement, two new quests will become available. They can be done in either order.

Go to Suri the Owl to start the first quest. He will ask you to kill 70 Shadow Blades. Enter the Training Room 3 (resembled by 3 blades) and kill them then go back to Suri the Owl for 12,000 exp.

Shadow Blade

  • Level: 30
  • HP: 870
  • MP: 50
  • EXP: 60
  • Avoid: 13
  • Knockback: 87
  • Magic Attack: 40
  • Magic Defense: 40
  • Physical Attack: 100
  • Physical Defense: 40

Quest #26 : Talk to Yun and she will ask you to hunt fire boars and receive 20 yellow flowers . Return them to Yun for 15,000 exp.

Fire Boar

Dual Blade 2nd Job Advancement – Second Skill Set(Level 55)

At level 55, you can now receive your second set of skills for your 2nd job advancement. This will allow you to become a Dual Master. A lightbulb will appear above your head to talk to Lady Syl. Talk to her then head over to El Nath and talk to Arec, the thief 3rd job advancement NPC.

–  Arec

Arec will ask you to kill 300 White Fangs and collect 100 White Fang Tails . The best place to kill these would be The Crown-Flyer which can be accessed from Cold Field II.

White Fang

Kill the White Fangs and return the tails to Arec to get 60,000 exp.

Arec will give you a Scroll of Achievement . Bring it back to Lady Syl to gain your second skill set.

Dual Blade 3rd Job Advancement (Level 70) (Same as Normal Thief 3rd Job Adv.)

– Arec – Dark Lord

First talk to Arec in El Nath. Then, go back to Kerning and find the Dark Lord in the Jazz Bar. He will ask you to prove yourself by killing his clone. Get to Dangerous Swamp II through the sewers and click on the Dimensional Portal to enter the dungeon.

Dimensional Portal

When inside, head towards of the right of the map and enter the portal. The next map will have the Dark Lord’s Clone. Kill him and receive a Black Charm .

Dark Lord’s Clone

He will summon tauromacis so watch out, however he doesn’t deal much damage. Bring pots, but it should only take a few minutes to defeat him.

Bring back the Black Charm to the Dark Lord to get a Necklace of Strength , one of the items needed for the job advancement. Now head back to Arec in El Nath. Give the Necklace of Strength to Arec. Then she will ask you to get the Necklace of Wisdom from the Holy Stone. First make sure to get a Dark Crystal for it will be needed to start answering questions. Then, go to Holy Ground at the Snowfield which can be accessed through Sharp Cliff II at the top right most door. There is no actual portal, press up near the door to enter.

Inside, go to the bottom and there are no monsters so don’t worry about dying. Talk to the Holy Stone.

It will ask you to use your dark crystal to try to answer the questions. Give it the dark crystal and answer the 5 questions. I would not try to answer them myself for if you get one wrong, you must get another dark crystal and start over. Go to http://ayumilovemaple.wordpress.com/2008/09/20/maplestory-3rd-job-advancement-questions-and-answers/ for all the answers so you don’t get any wrong.

If you get all the answers correct, you will be given the Necklace of Wisdom . Go back to Arec and give her the necklace to receive the 3rd job advancement, Slasher! Congrats!


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      10% ” ” ” – 100 feathers. ”


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