MapleStory: Choosing the Right Character Type

One question I always hear is “What job should I become?” or “What class would I like?” These posts in the GM Blog can answer your questions! I decided to repost this because of the new site layout. It is often hard to see the new GM Blog posts and rarely do people go there. This was not in anyway made or organized by me. It was created by Nexon America.

Welcome to AcornStory, our new ongoing feature where we help you get started in Maple World – everything from choosing a class to finding friends to understanding combat to tips for account security. MapleStory is easy to learn, but once you learn the basic game mechanics, where do you go and what do you do? That’s where AcornStory can help.

Choosing the character type that’s right for you!

Welcome to MapleStory! You’re about to enter an incredible world filled with terrible monsters, amazing adventures and lots of new friends. How to get started though? Your first choice is the most important one. Who would you like to be? What “type” of adventurer will you be as you face down the dangers of Maple World?

Let’s begin at the beginning – the opening screen:

When you select “create a character,” you’ll be given a choice of four different character “types” – Cygnus Knights, Explorers, Evan and Aran. While all character types are fun, the way you’ll play them feels very different.


Most players you meet in the game will be Explorers because they give you the most freedom in deciding how you want to play the game. Explorers can reach level 200 and can become anything in the game from a tough melee fighter to a spell-casting magician.

Until level 10 (eight for Magicians), Explorers are called “Beginners.” At level 10, they recieve the first of what are called “job advancements.” This simply means choosing what class you wish to play as. As you continue to rise in levels, you’ll receive further job advancements that refine your class and give you new abilities.

These are the basic classes Explorers can choose when they receive their first job advancement (click on the image to find out more about that class):

Warrior: A Warrior’s job is to wade into combat and take down enemies hand-to-hand.

Bowmen deliver huge amounts of long range damage.

Thieves use speed and stealth to quickly kill monsters.

Pirate: Pirates can become ranged attackers or up close melee fighters.

Magician: The masters of arcane power can channel the elements to burn or freeze enemies or heal their companions.

Pro tip: Some Explorer players never choose a class and stay Beginners all the way to level 200! This isn’t easy and is considered a very advanced form of play.

Players pick Cygnus Knights because they enjoy being powerful right from the very beginning. Cygnus Knights can reach level 120, have more abilities to play with, level slightly faster and fight with unique “spirit pets” that help them in combat. There’s also some unique content that can only be experienced by a Cygnus Knight.

Beginning Cygnus Knights are called “Noblesse.” When a Noblesse reaches level 10, they can choose from one of five “classes” based on how they wish to play (click on any of the images below to get more information about that class:

Dawn Warriors: Melee fighters who battle alongside the spirit of light.

Thunder Breakers: Bare-knuckle fighters who team up with the spirit of lightning.

Blaze Wizards: Master Magicians that work with the spirit of fire to battle monsters.

Night Walkers: Stealthy battlers against evil who use the spirit of darkness to fight monsters.

Wind Archer: Ranged fighters guided by the spirit of the storm.

Hero Classes

Hero classes are based on a specific character concept and work a bit differently than Explorers or Cygnus Knights. A Hero starts out fairly powerful with a specific weapon or combat style. While they do grow in power and gain new abilities, they don’t have a “class” and aren’t as flexible as Explorers or Cygnus Knights. Hero classes are considered “advanced” and should only be played by players with some experience as a Cygnus Knight or an Explorer.

Aran: Aran is a melee fighter that have access to a unique combat system that lets them do incredible combo moves that cause a lot of damage at high levels.

Dragon Master Evan: Evan is a magician who attacks using his pet dragon Mir.
Next AcornStory: Choosing the class that’s right for you!


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  3. Rin says:

    I have a question about this. Its more like help during the progress. What if I try to select the right character type when it asks me, I select “ok” but Maplestory shuts down? I don’t know whats going on. But I am guessing that up there like bowman and stuff is what’s supposed to happen after I hit ok while its still in the game.

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