World Cup Fiesta PQ

Guide and info on the newest PQ that hasn’t even come out yet, ANYWHERE!

Fresh from Tespia Global, this PQ incorporates the upcoming World Cup and soccer to create a fun and creative new PvP PQ.

This was all fake and invented by me. Unfortunately, this is not a real pq. I do not have a tespia account. And…this pq is probably never going to come out. 😦

Tell me what you thought. xD


4 Responses to World Cup Fiesta PQ

  1. Phaze Chan says:

    Evil pure evil I was gonna dream every night of a trophy….……

  2. mapletheory says:

    Well done (:

    a few recommendations…

    You shouldn’t mention Tespia, thats easily dismissed

    Soccer isnt really a US thing, this would more likely be a EMS event but thats nothing

    Overall good I love your use of skill logos and that would be an awesome thing to have (:

  3. Draz says:

    You killed my wildest dreams at the end Dx

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