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As fun as MapleStory is, you aren’t truly experiencing Maple World until you’re experiencing it with friends. Friends are the lifeblood that truly makes MapleStory come alive as they are the buddies you battle monsters with, go on quests with, go to events with and hang out with day after day–the stuff that create happy memories and the stories you’ll tell for years to come.

The MapleStory Friend Recommendation System is designed to help veterans and newbies alike in finding friends to share your Maple adventures with.

Here’s how it works:

1. When you enter a town for the first time with a character of level 10 or above, a window will pop open on your screen. This is where you’ll enter your information.

2. This window has fields for you to enter information on the way you like to play MapleStory. Enter the information for the following fields:

a. Area: Enter your country of residence in this area. This will pair you up with people who live close to you. This ensures that your play times will be closer together.

b. Play Style: This area allows you to tell the friend finder what kinds of things you like to do in-game:

i. Quest: For players who enjoy doing quests.

ii. Field Hunting: for players who enjoy hunting in the fields.

iii. Party Quests: For adventurers who like to quest in groups.

iv. Chat/Hang Out:For players who like to socialize

c. Birth Date: The year you were born. This will pair you with people close to you in age. Don’t worry, your personal information will never be shown to anyone.

d. Level: Pairs you with players who have characters within 10 levels of your own.

e. Job: A category for the user’s job.

f. Main play area: The in-game area where you spend the most time.

Should you close the window without entering any information, the window will not pop up again. To enter your information, look for the new “My Info” tab atop the “Manage Buddies” UI.

3. Once you have entered your information, simply click the “Find Friends” button at the bottom of the “Manage Friends” UI screen. A new window will appear that will recommend up to 20 potential buddies deemed compatible by you criteria. Clicking on them will allow you to see their information. You can send a whisper to any of the people on the list, add them as a friend or hit the “Find Friends” button again for a new list.

For those of you who prefer to find your own friends, Cassandra has a Friend Finder Megaphone waiting for you if you listen to her tutorial.

Now get out there and make some new friends!

Posted by MapleStory on 6/14/2010.



Seems like a bad idea. I have a feeling this is going to turn out like party search. Not used by many people. Also, the friend finder megaphone will obviously be abused. Be ready to hear lots of useless smegas… Also, I’m pretty sure most of us don’t want to give people our address or birthday. Wonder what Nexon will think of next. The only good thing about this is that we know gMS isn’t just following what kMS does. We finally have stuff of our own.


2 Responses to MapleStory Friend Finder

  1. andy says:

    Interesting. I wish there was a text box where I could include a small not. I.e. If I checked “train” I could say I’m looking for a bishop at skeles.

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