Rediscover Maple World

The rebirth of the Explorers has re-invigorated Maple World! Mighty Explorers from all over are out testing their newfound strength and reveling in their new glory. What better way to celebrate than with a whole host of events designed to help you rediscover Maple World!

1. Cassandra’s Weapon Rental

Rediscovering Maple World is already paying off some dividends as brave Explorers return from the wilderness with bags full of lost weapons! Cassandra has taken some of these weapons and turned them right around and offered them for rent to other Explorers!

All you need to do is get your quest from Cassandra and go hunt the specific monsters she tells you about and return with what they drop. When you do, you’ll receive an awesome seven-day weapon! Here’s a taste of what you might rent:

Job Equip Lvl. Item Name
Warrior 20 Gladius
20 Scimitar
20 War Hammer
20 Forked Spear
Aran 20 Mithril Pole Arm
Magician 18 Wizard Wand
Bowman 20 Ryden
18 Mountain Crossbow
Thief 20 Adamantium Guards
20 Reef Claw
Pirate 20 Prime Hands
20 Cold Mind
Warrior 35 Buck
35 Jeweled Katar
35 Knuckle Mace
35 Lion’s Fang
35 The Rising
35 Golden Mole
35 Serpent’s Tongue
35 The Nine Dragons
Magician 35 Arc Staff
38 Cromi
45 Thorns
Bowman 35 Olympus
35 Rower
Thief 35 Dark Slain
35 Shinkita
Pirate 35 Fury Claw
35 Mr. Rasfelt
Warrior 50 Neocora
50 Hawkhead
50 Tamus
50 Sparta
50 The Shining
50 The Blessing
50 Holy Spear
50 Skylar
Magician 55 Evil Wings
48 Evil Tale
Bowman 50 Golden Crow
50 Asianic Bow
Thief 50 Dark Gigantic
50 Deadly Fin
Pirate 50 Psycho Claw
50 Burning Hell
Warrior 60 Red Katana
60 Mikhail
60 The Judgement
60 Doombringer
60 Chrono
60 Gigantic Sledge
60 Redemption
60 The Gold Dragon
Magician 58 Angel Wings
65 Dark Ritual
Bowman 60 Golden Hinkel
60 Gross Jaeger
Thief 60 Black Scarab
60 Kandine
Pirate 60 Beia Crash
60 Abyss Shooter
Warrior 70 Khan
70 Gaea
70 Heaven’s Justice
70 Heaven’s Gate
70 Helios
70 The Morningstar
70 Omega Spear
70 Eclipse
Magician 65 Dark Ritual
75 Kage
Bowman 70 Dark Arund
70 Dark Raven
Thief 70 Black Mamba
70 Dragon’s Tail
Pirate 70 Steelno
70 Infinity

Even better, 10 random Explorers who complete the quest will receive a Master weapon with no time limit at all!

So, basically they are normal weapons, but they require 10 less levels to wield.

2. The Chair King

Do you have what it takes to become the “Chair King”? Sure you sit on them in between fighting against monsters but do you ever really appreciate what your supportive little buddies do for you? Now you will! Just get ahold of this update’s selected “secret chair” from Gachapon, visit Dalair, and you’ll get the “Chair King” title along with an awesome medal!

Will the chair be untradable? Otherwise, can’t we just trade it and help all our friends/guildies get the chair king medal? Anyways, Master Adventurer medal is better. Same with Aran in Hope and Cygnus Medal.

3. Help a Snipe!

What’s the difference between Maple World and our world? In Maple World the “Snipe” is a real bird and helping it can net some great rewards! Just talk to Gaga and he’ll take you to the Lost Snipe. Talk to the crying bird and help her reach the top of three different jump quest maps to get a thank-you gift. The first time you lend a hand, she’ll give one of these:

Nothing good really.

Help her 10 times and you’ll pick up this great cluckin’ goodness!

Finally, something to make us actually want to do the events. I’m guessing it will be hard like the Pink Bean JQ. The chicky face decoration expires on 6/20/2010, maybe the quest can be redone many times? Each time, it lasts 5 days?

4. Guide an Evan!

The coming of the Dragon Master has excited everybody, but since Evan is new to Maple World, he’ll need a guide to show him the ropes. That’s why we’re calling on Explorers, Cygnus Knights and Arans as the old hands of Maple World to take our Evans under their wings. Through July 13, 2010, any adventuring party with an Evan in it will receive a 10% EXP bonus while doing the following PQs:

Davy John PQ? Is that a new PQ? or is that what Nexon calls Pirate PQ? Tell me if anyone knows.

What are you waiting for? Get out and rediscover Maple World!


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