Android Set/Armor. Iruvata Booster

In the v86 patch, we received a new set of items. The Android Set! The android set consists of five items. A hat, top, bottom, gloves, and shoes. When wearing 2, 4, or 5 of these items, you get a set effect or bonus. These are the different items and set bonuses.

These are the stats of each item:

Android Headgear (Req. Lvl 70)
Description: It looks just like the one Iruvata in Neo City was wearing.

  • Job: Common
  • W.Def: +180
  • M.Def: +180
  • STR: +13
  • DEX: +13
  • INT: +13
  • LUK : +13
  • MP: +50

Android Vest (Req. Lvl 70)
Description: It looks just like the one Iruvata in Neo City was wearing.

  • Job: Common
  • W.Def: +60
  • STR: +1
  • DEX: +1
  • INT: +1
  • LUK: +1
  • MP: +10

Android Legs (Req. Lvl 70)
Description: They look just like the ones Iruvata in Neo City was wearing.

  • Job: Common
  • W.Def: +55
  • M.Def: +30
  • Jump: +1
  • HP: +10
  • MP: +10

Android Gloves (Req. Lvl 70)
Description: They look just like the ones Iruvata in Neo City was wearing.

  • Job: Common
  • W.Def: +30
  • STR: +1
  • DEX: +1
  • INT: +1
  • LUK: +1

Android Boots (Req. Lvl 70)
They look just like the ones Iruvata in Neo City was wearing.

  • Job: Common
  • W.Def: +50
  • M.Def: +15
  • STR: +1
  • DEX: +1
  • INT: +1
  • LUK: +1
  • MP: +80

I got the full set on my hero 😀 Here’s how it looks together with the background effect.

The only way to get these items is to make them with maker or to buy them (from someone who made them). To make them, you need to first go to Professor Foxwit. He is located at the top of NLC on the middle clouds. Reach him by using the teleporting system. Talk to him and he will grant you the ability to make the android armor with maker. When in maker, go to HAT for the headgear, TOP for the vest, etc.

Each of the equips need these items to make:

  • 11 Purple Powders
  • 16 Iruvata Boosters (Except gloves need 12)

They can also use:

  • Armor Stimulator (For corresponding item. Gloves use gloves stimulator)
  • Two strengthening gems each

Now, the only thing many people are unsure how to get is Iruvata Boosters. No, they do not drop from Iruvatas in Neo City. Instead, there are two way to get them.

Method #1: After talking to Professor Foxwit, you are now allowed to start a new quest. Talk to T-1337 at the bottom right of NLC to start the quest. This quest is a weekly quest and each time it can have a different “mission” and reward. There is a chance to get a Iruvata Booster each time. You can start this quest on multiple characters on the same account. You have one week to finish the quest. If you forfeit, you won’t be able to restart until one week later.

Professor Foxwit


Here are some of the possible missions.

  • Eliminate 11 Iruvatas.
  • Eliminate 50 Iruvatas.
  • Eliminate 100 Buffoons.
  • Eliminate 1 Zeno.
  • Eliminate 1 Deet and Roi. (Deet and Roi is one monster)
  • Collect 50 Plugs and Wires.
  • Collect 100 Speed Limit Signs.
  • Deliver 1,000,000 mesos to T-1227.

Each quest has a possibility of giving you 1 Iruvata Booster.

Method #2: Gachapon. You can get Iruvata Boosters from the gachapon. One gachapon that I have heard gives them is NLC. Not sure of any others atm.

Right now, I am not sure if Iruvata Boosters will be tradable. Currently, they cannot be traded, yet there is no sign on the item that says it cannot be traded. It does not say it is untradable. However, they can be transferred through the storage. Hopefully they will be tradable later.

Cannot be traded.

Can be put into storage.

Well, Good Luck with making your Android Armor!

As of 6/16/10, Nexon has posted a warning saying:

” “T-1227’s Mission: Collect Parts” mission expires when the player changes channels, enter MTS, or enter the Cash Shop. Please complete the quest before doing any of the three as once the quest expires it will not be playable again for a week.”



92 Responses to Android Set/Armor. Iruvata Booster

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  5. colby says:

    Is it avaliable in Maplesea? or it’s an event already ended in maplesea??? was wondering if i can get it since i wanted one. I would like to hear the details of this event or quest. Reply thru my email ty~

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  9. A Buyer says:

    I want to buy a full android set for a female android, how much would it be?

  10. Anonymous says:

    how to get the android recipe

  11. Anonymous says:

    donde encuentro los mosters k botan irabutas

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been following your blog for any week now and i should say my organization is starting to like your current post. and now how do i subscribe to your blog?

  13. MapleMech says:

    I cant seem to contact T-1227 I’ve tryed it twice. Both in a different week.

  14. Xfer9 says:

    Where can i find “T-1227”? i dont know where is him!

  15. Xfer9 says:

    Where can i find “T-1227”?i dont know where is him

  16. Xfer9 says:

    Where can i find “T-1227”?

  17. Maple says:

    Iruvata Booster can be obtained from any Gachapon, but Henesys is the best choice.

  18. Ninjablob says:

    Mushroom Shrine Gacha has the Iruvata boosters!
    I have one and i wanna get rid of it =o
    Msg if you want it (:
    (i dont remember if you can use transfer it to other worlds; its on my El Nido Char atm)

  19. thunderjx says:

    selling android headgear 17/13/13/13 2% dex offer talk me to thunderjx

  20. inarutarded says:

    does anyone ever get the glitch where you get the quest and it doesn’t tell you what mission to do so you just have the quest that tells you to complete it?

    • Christina says:

      Hey. My sister and I thought it was glitch too at first. But when I went and got the quest on my character. I realized that the mission you have to complete is right underneath the one that says you must complete it. Try that. Hopefully it works for you!

  21. Iatira says:

    hey, i’ve just been browsing this site, and i found this post, few questions:

    1. is it confirmed that the bonuses stack, and that you won’t just get the +5 to stats etc.? (i ask because a WATK 10 WG would be more effective than completing the set with the gloves)

    2. Any recommended gach? I look up gachapons on hidden street and elinia seems to give the least amount of items, which could mean that it would have more of a chance to give an iruvata booster? or maybe there’s a hidden chance that i’m missing…

    3. Does all this information still prove applicable even after Big Bang?

    Thanks so much

  22. SniffMyFurr says:

    What level do you have to be to get the maker skill?

    • StankyHobo says:

      You get the maker skill at level 50 i beleive
      Go to Magatia to a guy in house…


  23. DBnInJa1999 says:

    i got one in henys gach scania but im only lvl 44 what can i do with it?

  24. […] a custom NPC with an exchange quest. Thank you. To those who don't know what it is. Check it out here! Switch – 10X Sniper Signature in progress. Reply With Quote + Reply […]

  25. […] Originally Posted by Yuzu Another question: What DOES it do? Other than give additional space. This might help. My name is Nick, my nick name is Jake, I'd prefer you call me Jake. Aetolus – Lvl 1 […]

  26. Giggitigoo says:

    Got one from mushroom shrine on mardia. But I’m only level 42 >_< Is there anything i can do with it?

  27. foolproofcaesar says:

    So 100% confirmed that if you wear the full set, you get a total bonus of 9/9/9/9, 45 accuracy, and 15 atk? (all 3 bonuses added up)

  28. Random says:

    where can u find Deet and Roi ?

    • Katie says:

      Go to the Roids and Neo Huroids map in the Alcadno area. There’s a secret portal on the top of one of the platforms in there.

  29. TYPEMercury says:

    You said there was a ‘chance’ to get a booster when you complete the missions. How high of a ‘chance’ are we talking, here, and what other items do you get?

  30. santito says:

    i am lvl 50
    how can i kill iruvata without starting the time traveler’s hat quest?

  31. santito says:

    i am lvl 50
    how can kill iruvata without starting the time traveler’s hat quest?

  32. ChukySan says:

    hey sushi I talked to Foxwit and i had the maker skill, but I still can’t get the option in the maker skill window to forge the android gear.
    Can you help me, cause i rly rly want the gear :S

  33. Zeroark says:

    So if you have the full set, do you get the 2, 4, AND 5 set bonuses? Or just the 5 set bonus?

  34. Beginnered says:

    What’s the level limit of the quests?

  35. Jenny119 says:

    So Can we change Channels? now?
    Can we do the quest more than once a day?

  36. SolticE says:

    im guessing since the items are lvl 70 and above, the moonsters you fight and the lvl ur suppose to be are lvl 70 and above

  37. Anonymous says:

    how r u suppose to kill zeno without changing channle…..

  38. wes says:

    so… if u only have 1 iruvata booster… how much could you sell or buy it for?

  39. LIVE says:

    this site is amazing i usualy visit it
    good work

  40. sol22222ki3 says:

    is the headgear better or worse than a zhelm?

  41. TheSmartGuy says:

    People all over the FM are “buying” Iruvata Boosters. Even if they aren’t officially tradeable, isn’t this proof that there are some ways of transferring the item between characters on different accounts?

    I noticed you got the entire Android Set. How did you get all of those Boosters?

  42. ZipTaiDrifteR says:

    Hello, soo. you can only do this quest once a week? o_o
    oh can you keep repeating it? cause that would take forevaaaa. D:

  43. Soulhammer says:

    does the quest expire when i log out and if not can i chance the channel when i relog

  44. Justin says:

    it isnt an event iruvata boosters are perm

  45. Devok1up says:

    I this Android set thing is a event or a add on like is it gonna end?

  46. Xeth says:

    The Iruvata Booster can be found in the Mushroom Temple Gachapon. I got one.

  47. Splatypus says:

    What is the chance to get 1 from gatcha?

  48. Slayer30 says:

    this event expires with the next update right?

  49. LittleTLK says:

    Thank you so much for this~!
    I’ve been getting so tired of typing that out over and over, but now I can just link to your blog when people ask for this info~
    :3 thank you~

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hello, My name is BkPuppet and I hail from the gloriously laggy land of Scania. I have received one (1) Iruvata booster from the Gachapon of the Mushroom Shrine.

    • Anonymous says:

      how much can you sell it for ?

      • maplesushi says:

        The set costs about 1 bil to make. However, after you wear any of the items, that item becomes untradable (like reverse items). You could probably sell them all for 1.5b to 2b because of the time and effort it takes to collect all the different pieces.

  51. QuickAssault says:

    Do all equips have the regular amount of slots? or do some have more or less?

  52. Trinityblast says:

    Wow, this set would take a really long time to build, even with multiple characters.

  53. Rydia says:

    uh… u need somethings like 80 iruvata to complete the set.. and u can get 1 per week from the quest !? Lame

  54. XVileSinX7 says:

    i got 1 at mushroom shrine andm y friend got 1 at henys

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