Chicky Face Decoration

You’ve probably seen these around the FM and on people. The chicky face decoration comes from the event quest of v86, A Lost Snipe. To get the chicky face decoration, you must complete a JQ 10 times to save the Lost Snipe.

To attempt this JQ, you must first talk to Gaga.


Then, you will be teleported to a new map with a giant egg. Go to the right where you will see the Lost Snipe.

Click him to start the JQ. You will be teleported to a map with him. Click him to receive his etc and you will be sent on your way to the JQ.

Finish the JQ. At the top, drop the etc that the snipe gave you right under where it says Drop. A Lost Snipe NPC should appear. Quickly click him to finish the jq.

You must finish the JQ 10 times to get the Chicky Face Decoration. This face accessory only lasts 5 days, but can be traded. Good Luck!

Here are the stats of the Chicky Face Decoration:


4 Responses to Chicky Face Decoration

  1. Efrain Rawat says:

    hallo. Vielen Dank für nützliche Web-Seite. Ich stimme via jedem Wort in jener Web-Seite. Grüß gott, ich danke Ihnen.

  2. JVIorku says:

    thanks man really helped i was wondering where alot of people were getting that thing too bad it isnt permanant D: lol well anyway thanks a bunch had no clue where the lost snipe npc was thanks 😀

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