Mechanic Job Confirmed

In kMS, recently they have found this new window in their extractions!

I guess the mechanic job is confirmed!

They will probably like Evan where they have a forever-summoned “helper”, except it will be a robot. Can’t wait to learn more about this job. Seems like it’ll have a completely different playing style.

Edit: look at spadow’s new post. He has the look of what possibly could be the mechanic mount.


10 Responses to Mechanic Job Confirmed

  1. Hope Persona says:

    wow!this job is pretty cool! XD

    mapleshushi , i hope you make the skill review for this job X3

  2. Draz says:

    think at 4th job ull ride it like a mecha
    that would b awesome! just like gundams :O

  3. Griffin says:

    I wonder if it is going to be like a Corsair’s ship. Maybe you get the stats of the equips when you’re in it and it gets destroyed when you take too much damage. And/or ride in/on it.

  4. tunde says:

    from the looks of that image it looks like you get to sit in the robot

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