Explorer and Lilin Ring Glitch


A new glitch has been found and confirmed. Basically, there is a way to wear both the Lilin’s Ring and Explorer Rings (Cruel Ring, Critical Ring, or Explorer Ring). Also, I have heard you can get multiple explorer rings if you level multiple characters. This glitch works if you also have multiple explorer rings. It is a very simple glitch. Basically, you have to use a NX ring cover on the first ring. Then you can simply wear the second one. If you have 3 rings, have NX covers on the first two. NX Covers can be name tags, chat bubbles, friendship rings, aura rings, Mapler Rings and the Welcome Back Ring.

Hope this helps! I am not sure if you want to do this for too long incase of bans. I personally am not going to do it.


One Response to Explorer and Lilin Ring Glitch

  1. Draz says:

    Whoaaaaaaa 4 crit rings is gonna be insane!

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