Maple Theory – The Arena

Hello ladies and gentlemen, consider this my introduction to AskSushi.

First to explain, I ran my own website, Maple Theory in an attempt to explain and elaborate upon my ideas for the world of Maple Story. I was invited to join and do the same thing here, by posting articles or theories explaining various things I feel would be good implementations to the game.

Now onto my first theory on AskSushi, the Arena. The article will make more sense if you first read my theory on Little Leaf Boulevard and the NLC Harbor as the Arena is the main attraction of the boulevard.

Now the Arena is inspired mainly by the Mu Lung Dojo and is a combination of events and activities that can be completed within to earn various prizes and such. Now on my website this theory would be considered a “runner” or a continuously growing theory due to new additions.

One would enter via LLB into a waiting room, given the option to talk to an NPC, to begin an event or to go it solo. Just to get right down to it, I had several ideas for various events and activities in The Arena.


Onslaught would be most closely related to either the Kerning or Ariant Survival PQs. The quest would consist of waves of monsters coming at the player until they resign to the masses and are killed. There would however be a slight difference. One would be the overall theme lack, Onslaught would be a combination of monsters, pertaining not to a location but to a level bracket. The monsters would continue to come in increasing numbers and level until the player is killed, being rewarded experience and ArP based on their performance and how many waves they survived.


PvP is a very touchy subject in MapleStory due to a lack of balance and various other factors that would cause some to deem PvP unfair.

First off I would like to point you to two posts on my website on the matter…

PvP in MapleStory?

I would recommend you read both before proceeding. However these I feel mention how in the first one PvP would work and in the second what it could be used to do. I envision it as, not outward melee fighting but using the ability to attack one another to accomplish another goal. Capture the Flag is a good example.

Now while admittedly this article was short and rather rushed I would point you to my website Maple Theory for the other articles. Now this article will be posted there in due course and updated as will the others there. Thank you for reading the first Maple Theory post on AskSushi.


One Response to Maple Theory – The Arena

  1. maplesushi says:

    Thank you, Chris. Good job.
    I just changed a few small things. Changed MapleSushi site to AskSushi, since that’s the site name. Also, I added a new category: MapleTheories. You can put all your Theories there.

    I thought of some ideas you may want to work on:
    – Armor Sets
    …Set Bonuses
    …Level and Color must match

    – Nx Items that look like normal items
    …Allows you to look like other jobs
    …No cross dresssing weapons though

    – “Mini Dungeon” Nx Item
    …Creates a temporary “Mini Dungeon” on any non-boss map.
    …Lasts 1-4 hours can be used with a party
    …Auto teles you and party
    …No need to fight for chans or against ksers.

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