Dual Blade General Info

Here’s a post just to clear things up about Dual Blades!

Dual Blades are Adventurers! Therefore, their mounts are the Hog (Lvl70), Silver Mane (Lvl120), and Red Draco (Lvl200). The Tiger mount you may seen is a cash shop item during the Dual Blade event. NOT THEIR MOUNT.

– from Spadow’s Blog

Here is the Job Advancement of Dual Blades.

Novice First Job First Job+ Second Job Second Job+ Third Job Fourth Job
Beginner Rogue Semi Dualer Dualer Dual Master Slasher Dual Blader

There is no like 6th Job Advancement. They use the same skill UI window as normal adventurers. Except that when first become like a Dualer, they only have half of the skills. At level 55, when they become a Dual Master they get the rest of the 2nd job skills.

Here are the levels for the job advances.

  • Beginner – Level 1
  • Rogue – Level 10
  • Semi Dualer – Level 20
  • Dualer – Level 30
  • Dual Master – Level 55
  • Slasher – Level 70
  • Dual Blader – Level 120

The skills that will require mastery scrolls from the cash shop and their prices in kMS:

Some of them will also drop from monsters so don’t worry. Also, they work 100%

Slash storm 20 – 2900nx
Tornado spin 20 – 3900nx
Mirror image 30 – 5900nx
Flying Assaulter 20 – 5900nx
Sudden Raid 30 – 8900nx
Thorns Effect 30 – 8900nx

For Dual Blade damage, they do not add the weapon attack of the dagger and blade together. Instead, alternating attacks use the dagger, then the blade. So, consider the two items two different weapons. The first one attacks with the stats of all your items except your blade. The 2nd attack is with all items except dagger. Then back to except blade. So, attacks always start with the daggerm then blade, then dagger, then blade. That is why Dual Blade damage fluctuates so much within one skill.

Lastly, Dual Blades are adventurers as I said earlier, however they have their own selection in the Create Character screen.

So, don’t think getting a rouge to level 20 now will make Dual Blade leveling any faster. It will all come out to be a waste.


30 Responses to Dual Blade General Info

  1. Anonymous says:

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs lol

  2. DualJG says:

    Can i collect points for the lvl 120 job im 114 and got 40 sp points left to select.. pls talk to me here or on ems name: DualJG

  3. Kidkrome says:

    when is the release date of dual blade in EMS??

  4. thomas says:

    i have a question..if we existing character over lvl 30..we can get a free lvl 30 dual blade..like that we train the dual blade from lvl 30 to 100..can we get the dual blade mask which gv all stat 3 and wa 2 de?

  5. Kyle says:

    What happens when this event ends for dual blade mastry books can maplers still get the some way or will u always be stuck with level 5 of slash storm or will it be dropped by bosses ex. zakum horntail, pianus

  6. tristan says:

    OMG MAPLESTORY IS OFFLINE I WANT MY DUAL BLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. google says:


  8. Vic says:

    Can all the skill books for dual bladers be found from monsters/boss?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey, if i made a begginer to lvl 10 or something would that save me some time when dual bladers come out?

  10. Alex says:


  11. Wilson says:

    Wow dual bladers sound like trash and they’re pretty useless you have to buy the skills, that sucks.

  12. Nihillisim (AwwMarvin) says:

    For the ones who don’t know yet: (Today’s July 11)
    Two things to help people out:
    1. No, Dual Blades can’t get into CWKPQ.
    2. No, Dual Blades do not share CS with Adventurers. They have their own CS Inventory like Evans, Cygnus.
    They said: ‘We HAVEN’T make changes into the CWKPQ files’ (meaning DBs can’t get in) after that they said ‘but it doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way forever’ meaning they will (hopefully) make it work for Dual Blades! yay!…

    THANKS ALOT, SUSHI! Your Quest Guide it’s amazing!, it helped alot! =) really appreciatte it.

    Where did I get this info? MapleStory’s Facebook.
    (Go to Dual Blades FAQ)

  13. Jon says:

    Because they are considered an adventurer, will dual blades be able to CWKPQ to obtain a MoN?

  14. Freek says:

    i bet we will be able to get the skill books from monsters just like nexon mentioned that we can get crit book and MG book from monsters for evan…..

    btw maplesushi didnt u try to scam my 108 certo 0.o

  15. Trinityblast says:

    Wow, I hope they actually do drop for the free players this time unlike evans in GMS, where they were purely NX items…

  16. Mr.No Name says:

    What mosters drop the books? can u list them
    ~ ~
    ~ ~
    ~ ~
    ~ ~
    ~ ~
    ~ ~

  17. Draz says:

    goddam, i didn’t think the skill books would be that expensive :/ Hopefully they can monster drop
    And wow that tiger mount looks badass

  18. gg says:

    yo were do u trian

  19. Juan says:

    I got a question, do dual bladers have the same cash inventory as adventurers? or will it be like evans and arans?
    I would love to transfer my cash items from my main to it :/

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