Dual Blade Training Spots

Here is a list of where I would train at for dual blade.

Levels 1-10:

  • Maple Island Quests

Levels 10-20:

Levels 20-30:

Levels 30-40:

Levels 40-50

Levels 50-60

Levels 60-70

Levels 70-80

Levels 80-90

To be finished.


12 Responses to Dual Blade Training Spots

  1. Anonymous says:

    roids are lvl 80 u cant train on those at lvl 30 LOL

  2. ImaMapler says:

    Nice guide but lmpq = epic fail due to the maplers that say nexon change the mob how the tix dropped change after they fixed it wen it broke 4 rooms bout 40 tix each = only 5-6k exp per 2-5mins cause main mob (bunnies) can heal 10k hp

  3. mlerpy says:

    its not coming off >.> KMST kept their temple and in the Q&A section, golden temple is kept forever due to many people wanting ravana helm

  4. carlpaul says:

    i think u can easy level kcpq21-25 doing some db quest and 25-30 subway pq

  5. john says:

    dual blade is so overpowered maybe in a day for lvl 200 =)

  6. Draz says:

    Im just gonna golden temple and hopefully that will take me to 120 in a week @.@

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