Bad News for Dual Bladers

Just read the Dual Blade Q&As and saw this:

Q: Will the Dual Blade Cash Shop shareable with Explorers?
A: Dual Blade characters will not be able to share their Cash Shop.

Q: Can Dual Blade characters enter Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest?
A: We haven’t made changes to the Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest to allow additional classes. Only the main Explorer classes will be able to participate. This does not mean that this will remain this way forever. 😉

This will really affect the number of Dual Bladers and the number of people interested to. No CWKPQ means no MoNs which is a lot of useful damage. Also, with dual pendants coming out soon, this would be huge.

Also, no sharing cash shop means no xferring your nx clothes or pets. 😦

See the Q&As here.

Dual Blade Q&A Part I

Dual Blade Q&A Part II


3 Responses to Bad News for Dual Bladers

  1. iiiiooojohn says:

    Hey guyz I feel really reall really bad for you. I play Korean Maplestory well
    it is basically the same thing. So it is true what AskSushi said but I can buy NX clothes and I look awesome. Without NX clothes you look like a beginer. Also I am lv 154 if you are wondering~~~~~~~ no offense by the way

  2. xFatalFaith says:

    Eh im ok with that since i dont buy nx clothes and such 😛

  3. omgitzaninja says:

    WTH this is lame nexon said the class is a explorer and they say we cant transfer nx with other explorers -.-?

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