Meso Exploit and Dual Blade Launch Date Change

New Dual Blade Launch Date
Unfortunately, addressing this issue impacts our game development schedule, and so we’ll be pushing the Dual Blade launch date to Wednesday, July 21st. The additional time ensures that we are able to fix the current issue, and fully prepare for the Dual Blade update. We know how much our players have been looking forward to the launch of Dual Blade. We’ve had a lot of fun working on the update events, the Q&A and other activities, and we’ll continue to work to ensure a smooth release next week.


We know that the downtime, the update delay and the bug itself is bad for our players, and so we’ll be offering a mix of compensation and events that all players can participate in.

— Cash item extension
— 5,000 Maple Points for users that logged in between 7/11/2010 and 7/13/2010.
— The Golden Temple will be available for one extra week. Golden Temple ticket items will also be on sale for 20~25% off.
Vega’s Spell will remain on sale for one extra week.
One A Day Sale will also be extended for a week. Make sure to check out the daily item!
— 2x EXP and Drop events on the following dates:
a. Wednesday, July 14th  12 PM – 6PM Pacific Time (3 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
b. Thursday, July 15th  12 PM – 6PM Pacific Time (3 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
c. Friday, July 16th  12 PM – 6 PM Pacific Time (3 PM – 9 PM Eastern)
d. Saturday, July 17th  10 AM – 10 PM Pacific Time (1 PM – 1 AM Eastern)
e. Sunday, July 18th  10 AM – 10 PM Pacific Time (1 PM – 1 AM Eastern)

Meso Exploits

So what seems to be happening is that certain hackers have found a way to “generate” mesos. You can see an example of it here which I easily found just searching youtube: I remember yesterday seeing people in the FM randomly saying “Buying Rash’s Furballs”. Now I understand. Basically, these hackers have been buying up items and NX with their generated mesos and the FM has been a mess. Prices have gone up and random equips are being bought like crazy.

The server check recently seems to be trying to fix this. They seem to have just “rolled-back” all the server. If you search your character on the rankings, I bet you will find all your recent training has been lost. If you log in, Nexon should have refunded all your Nexon that has been spent. Hopefully, when we get back everything will be fixed, but all our work for the last few days would still have been wasted.

I think the rollback is about 3-days. So, the server will be restored to a time during Sunday. That is because I know what level I was that day and because if you go to the Dual Blade Launch site, notice it says D-3, 3 days until the Dual Blade Launch. Obviously it hasn’t been updated or else it would be D-7 since the new patch is on the 21st. So, the servers not are set to 3 days before the supposed patch, July 11th.

Explorer Event

Many people are curious whether or not the explorer event is still going on. Unfortunately, the event is detailed as , as you can see at the post. Also, they did not mention that event being extended in the compensation. Many of my friends got to level 50 yesterday and now on the rankings, they are still level 2x. Sadly, I am not sure if you will still be able to get the explorer rings. Hopefully, they will extend that too.

The one thing that annoys me the most is that all the extended events are NX-Related. Golden Temple Tickets…you have to pay Nx Cash to enter. Vega’s Spell Scrolls, another Nexon Item. One A Day Sale, another cash shop event. Doesn’t seem like Nexon is really trying to help us, just trying to get more money from us.


8 Responses to Meso Exploit and Dual Blade Launch Date Change

  1. PieFTW says:

    Noooooooo I lost 120mil from selling stuff to my friend y did they hav to make db release on Wednesday y couldn’t it b lik Saturday or somthing, cause I really wanted to start during school holiday n school starts the day before db release, n 5k maple points seriously nexon shuda gave lik 10k some people lost 15lvls /ring which they spent hours/days on. Your right all they care about is money

  2. ImaMapler says:

    I lost one level which can b gain back easily n got a chaos scroll from pyramid first try after roll back :), but lost ma ring 😦

  3. Xjunkun says:

    I lost alot of stuff. My slinger which i made sunday got to lvl 30 that day got on yesterday made it to 42. Today it was a waste. Lost 5 lvls on my lvl 150 nl it was lvl 155 D: . Oh well i also heard there was a new roll back o.O?

  4. Yell0w says:

    Yea I lost 5 lveks and inevitable my ring… (89-84)

  5. MrWooHoo says:

    im so pissed off! i lost my ring! fk nexon!

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