Explorer Event Extended For One Week

As you are now probably well aware, MapleStory had an unscheduled maintenance on July 14th during which the Explorer Rings you earned on July 11, 12, or 13 were lost.

Though we cannot retrieve the lost rings, we are reopening the Explorer’s Ring event for a week from July 21st to July 27th to help make up for your loss.
We wish to see you earn back your ring and hope that the ongoing 2x EXP and Drop event helps you get it back faster.

Thank you for being patient with us throughout the ordeal.

Seems like Nexon will be letting us have another Explorer Ring Event for 1 week. Problems are that it doesn’t start til the 21st, the Dual Blade Patch. So, you won’t be able to start now. The main question now is whether or not leveling a Dual Blade would count for this event now.


12 Responses to Explorer Event Extended For One Week

  1. Bcbc says:

    IF i make a dual blade since it is a adventurer job at auto level 30 would i b able to get the ring at 50?

  2. ChiefSwagg says:

    Definitely making a fire poison this time. The warrior takes too long 😦

  3. they will be part if the ring event to that we can get the weapons from casandra like from gettin to level 30 and also the level 40 medal and level 50 ring

  4. Bohby says:

    Source? I checked the website and couldnt find it.

  5. iBestBowman says:

    My question also agrees with his… If my DualBlade gets 50 in the time of that event, will it give me a ring?

  6. Yoshiyahu says:

    Sweet! I’m gonna get my level 40 to level 49 with 99.98% now so my Dual blade can have the ring ASAP 😀
    (Apparently that works)

  7. SrGiO says:


    My friends are gonna be crazy when they hear this. XD

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