v88 FAQ ~ A Few Questions You May Be Asking

Here is just a few answers to certain questions I hear a lot

If I made a level 30 Dual Blade, can I get a Explorer Ring at level 50?

No, in fact, no dual blades can get an explorer ring even if you started at level 1.

Where do potential and enhancement scrolls drop from?

Currently, I am not sure, but it seems like they drop from all monsters. The advanced version I believe drop from Zakum and HT, but I have no proof of that yet.

What are Kataras and these Katara scrolls?

Well, Nexon basically changes Blades into Kataras. So now, Dual Bladers wield 1 dagger and 1 katara. All your previous Blade scrolls should have turned into Katara scrolls.

If I use a Miracle Cube on a rare item, do I have to use another potential scroll to identify it again?

No, a miracle cube turns an item from an identified state back to its unidentified state (same as just passing a potential scroll). You can immediately use a magnifying glass afterward.

Are the Dual Blade Sets Permanent?

The Dual Blade Basic, Advanced, and Master looks contain all permanent equips. The tiger mount is a coupon, click it to receive a 7-day tiger coupon that is untradable. The Blade sets and mastery books are NOT permanent, so do not buy them before hand since they will never be out of the cash shop and you don’t want to risk them expiring.

Do I have to complete all the Dual Blade Quests?

No, the Dual Blade Quests do not give SP and are not required for the job advancement. The only required ones are the first few if you started from level 1. Also, there is a level 54 quest that you must meet Arec in El Nath which is required for the lvl55 job advancement. Other than those, no other quests are “required”. Also, at level 120 of course there are quests to get skill books and new skills.

Other questions will be added later.


11 Responses to v88 FAQ ~ A Few Questions You May Be Asking

  1. Majed says:

    sap bra, keep up the good work ❤

  2. Jopikaz says:

    *Note* Potential and Enhancement Scrolls are dropped by ANY MONSTER (Not Sure About The % Rate Though *Maybe Higher LV = Higher %?*) The ADVANCED Version Is Dropped By BOSS ONLY.

  3. Bloodtherapy says:

    What if you started at lvl 30 0_0 ?
    Do i still need to do the lv 1 quests?

  4. dxpsp says:

    i have reached lv 40 but where can i get the lv 40 katara

    • ImaMapler says:

      I heard someone said you can get one from ludibrium wep shop and it also from speigelmann for 10coins, lvl 50 from speigelmann too for 20 coins.

      • Jopikaz says:

        This Is True, You Can Alos Get The LV 40 From Blue Perfume At Kerning Mall, You Get The LV 50 From The Maniquins

    • Bloodtherapy says:

      You can lv 40 ka from carnival.
      You just need 10maple coins to get it.

  5. tom says:

    sux lol, but I guess starting from lvl 1 was part of the “fun”. My quest stopped at 40…i wish they let us get the medal at least.

  6. ImaMapler says:

    Can db do elin forest PQ?

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