Peanut Machine

After the July 28th server check, we will be receiving the peanut machine. This will be an event and will not last forever.

The peanut machine is simple. The peanut machine gives two items everytime you use it!

To open a peanut, you need to obtain 1 peanut which is dropped from monsters and a peanut machine which can be bought from the cash shop 1.4k nx.

+  > Click the peanut machine then drag the peanut into the slot to open it. Each Peanut Machine can only crack open 1 peanut!

The UI should look like this after click the machine.

What are the prizes? Well, you can get scrolls, mounts, chairs, and certain new exclusive items.

The mounts you can get are:

Nightmare Mount (10-days)

Yeti Mount (10-days)

Ostrich Mount (10-days)

Pink Bear Hot-Air Balloon Mount (10-days)

Transformation Robot Mount (10-days)

You can also get new chairs and certain copies. The new chairs are the Chewing Panda Chair, Fuzzy Kitty Chair and Tent Chair. There is also the Chief Chair which is identical to the Miwok Chief Chair and the Rose Chair which is identical to the Bloody Rose.

As of now, doesn’t seem like the peanut machine is giving chairs. If you have a ss, please leave link.

Chief Chair

Rose Chair

Chewing Panda Chair

Fuzzy Kitty Chair

Tent Chair

Now those are just for looks, but the peanut machine also gives many useful items, such as the Gold Hammer! It has the same effects as a Vicious Hammer but there is a twist.

Gold Hammer

Description: It provides you one additional chance to apply a scroll on your equipment item. Only 1 hammer can be used per item.

^ The description says “1 hammer can be used per item”. Does that mean it doesn’t use the same slot as the vicious hammer? or does it mean these are worse than normal hammers?

Can items now have 3 hammered slots? or is this just a typo? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

This is the new UI for it. It looks just like the vicious hammer. The only difference I can recognize is the title.

The last addition with the peanut machine is Blizzard Equips!

This is a 5 – item set which adds a special effect when wearing all items. They are tradable even after wearing and have multiple set bonuses. All of these items are common.

Blizzard Helmet (Req. Lvl 30)

  • W. Def: 33
  • M. Def 33
  • Number of Slots Available: 7

Blizzard Cape (Req. Lvl 30)

  • W. Def: 12
  • M. Def: 12
  • HP: +30
  • MP: +30
  • Number of Slots Available: 5

Blizzard Gloves (Req. Lvl 30)

  • W. Def: 10
  • M. Def: 10
  • M.Att: +3
  • W.Att: +3
  • Accuracy: +20
  • Number of Slots Available: 5

Blizzard Armor (Male) (Req. Lvl 30)

  • W. Def: 55
  • M. Def: 55
  • STR: +2
  • DEX: +2
  • INT: +2
  • LUK: +2
  • Number of Slots Available: 10

Blizzard Armor (Female) (Req. Lvl 30)

  • W. Def: 55
  • M. Def: 55
  • STR: +2
  • DEX: +2
  • INT: +2
  • LUK: +2
  • Number of Slots Available: 10

*Both Blizzard Armors are overalls, but one is for male and one is for female.

Blizzard Boots (Req. Lvl 30)

  • W. Def: 20
  • M. Def: 20
  • Speed: +7
  • Jump: +3

Blizzard PoleArm (Req. Lvl 30)

  • W.Att: 60
  • STR:+ 1
  • Accuracy: +15
  • Speed: +8

^ When wearing all 5 items (not including polearm), even if you have NX clothes ontop of your items, this effect will appear behind your character.

2-Set Bonus

  • W. Def: +20
  • M. Def: +5

4-Set Bonus

  • STR: +3
  • DEX: +3
  • W. Def: +15
  • M. Def: +3
  • Accuracy: +20

5-Set Bonus

  • HP: +100
  • W. Attack: +10
  • M. Attack: +10
  • W. Def: +15
  • M. Def: +3
  • Speed: +10

This set isn’t very useful since it is low level and has pretty bad stats.

What else can you get?

Advanced Potential and Advanced Equip Enhancement Scrolls! These scrolls are usually only available from the Chaos Zakum and Horntail, but now you can get them just like this!

Also, you can get durablity weapons! These are usually only obtainable through the Dragon Rider PQ, but can be exclusively yours!

Also, a whole new equipment – category is being released, shoulder decorations! And you can get the first shoulder decorations from the peanut machine.

Each of the toenails add +1 w.att, +1m.att, +20 w.def, and +20 m.def. However each of them add +2 to a certain AP stat (STR, DEX, INT, or LUK), except the Shiny Tiger Toenail adds +2 to all the AP Stats!

The last possibly obtainable prize are new treasure boxes. You can obtain one of them, trade it for a special coin and a jewel, then trade the coin for lots of mesos!

I know, this is a lot from just one peanut! That’s why it’s only available for a limited time!


17 Responses to Peanut Machine

  1. XxXJ3TXxX says:

    Zomg well fuck it ima bout 2 quit maple cuzz i got hacked n lost my blizzard pole arm so now i need tht!

  2. XxXJ3TXxX says:

    im so fkn mad cuz i enter maple right after the penut event grr!i need cape,glove,shoes,and armor i hav helm and polearm already so buddy me and chat me im XxXJ3TXxX in kradia, thanks! P.S i cn gift nx i hav 25k

  3. blizzard hero says:

    me now got full set blizzard hero set already. Yay XD

  4. xD says:

    are the blizzard eqs tradeble??? 0.0

  5. xD says:

    are the blizzard eqs tradeble?

  6. naki11a says:

    Im looking for the blizzard boots and blizzard armor if u have buddy me.My ign is Foulek.Im in scania.Thanks

  7. aqua says:

    maplestory is pretty cool, but there should be a PQ for lv40-50, where you make a party and go to a hunting ground wheres there is 2level gained for every member if your party finds 50 peanuts in 1hour, that would be cool

  8. Drea says:

    Panda Chair… So darn cute D;
    I want one LOL.

  9. Ab says:

    If you look at the list of items for the effect they are:


    Nowhere does it say polearm. You should probably fix that in the post.

  10. saz says:

    peanuts drop no chairs as far as I know… you probably got info from the old peanut event in another version of ms

  11. d says:

    can u keep using the peanut machine till event is over or 1 time use?

  12. Draz says:

    Are the chairs tradable?

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