Maple Theory – Omega Sector Reimagined

Omega Sector Reimagined
author: Laeval (mapletheory)

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If you journey to the base of the Eos tower you’ll find a lonely and seldom explored land of aliens, secret agents, and giant warring robots. Despite this Omega Sector ranks as one of the single most deserted towns in all of MapleStory. It’s rare to see anyone while walking around whether it’s because of the poor training areas, or the seclusion of OS but typically the place is a ghost town. I hope that my ideas might help to change that via an area expansion and an addition of a nice little high level party quest.

OS is undoubedly a cool concept. Think about it, a secret military base overun with aliens. However, regardless of how far you journey, you remain resolutely earth-bound. Imagine journeying into the depths of space, possibly meeting more powerful aliens of the two species that already inhabit the land. Enter Omega Sector Starstruck. OSS as it will be referred to, is a brand new expansion offering an out-of this world experience. Imagine jumping around zero gravity and fighting the tall, flying bipedal Grays or boarding an alien mothership to find it’s core and vanquish the leader of the mateons with a battalion of warriors. All this is possible in OSS. Let us begin with our classic encounter of the other kind, the Grays.

As in normal OS Grays can fly and what better way to engage them in fierce zero-gravity combat then go flying after them yourself? Always keeping close to the ground, it’s your mission to journey across a hellish alien wasteland to the crater at the end. Along the way, as you traverse this gray, crater-dotted rock, kill as many Grays as you can. Find the Crater and kill the mini boss within. This area, in my opinion would be best suited to a range of 90-110, offering some good training for the range.

The high levels can be hell, and with little variation in training it can get monotonous and boring. While the highest levels will have to wait for “The Nest” those in the range of 130-140 can rejoice as new content offering great training and a PQ wave at them over the horizon. Enter the mateons domain. These creatures are much more at ease on solid ground so you’ll be forced to enter there mothership to fight them and eradicate the bloodthirsty beasts intend upon the destruction of humanity.

Maybe that’s an oversell but you still must journey through corridors, fighting armed mateon guards, avoiding traps, breaking through security doors to make it to the ships epicenter. Here you find a myriad of other warriors queuing in the antechamber. In safety they prepare to enter the control room to fight Mateuos and claim their prize, the Space Helmet, a new boss drop offering sexy new stat boosts. Before we discuss the fight though, the helmet isn’t the only sexy exclusive drop. Only available from Mateous are the Moon Boots and the Jetpack. The boots offering a drastic increase in jump, nearly double that of the maximum power of haste but with a trade off of a maximum speed of 80%. The Jetpack cape however does not decrease speed but does not increase jump either simply hotkey the jetpack and after you’ve jumped hold down the key to remain suspended in air, offering an identical effect to the skill of wings, with the tradeoff of a reduce use time and that it takes away your cape slot.

Now onto the fight itself! After you’ve formed up with 19 or so others, enter the room for a fight. A very powerful boss, Mateous is immobile like Zakum or Horntail, however rather than sit in the center of the floor, she hangs from the ceiling, a mutated queen of the mateons who uses her tentacles to strike her opponents. Destroy her tentacles and force her down to the floor for stage two. There the maimed and vicious creature let’s out her most powerful attacks which can easily devastate the entire group. Defeat her and claim your rewards. While it is recommended you use a squad of 25 in the level 140 range, anyone above 100 may participate for the reward of the helmet.

That however is not the PQ. A third boss can be found in the PQ, one intended for the upper spectrum of OSS visitors, one focusing on the mateons, one available to levels 120-140. Welcome yo OS-BO or Omega Sector Blast Off. It’s your mission to clear the ship of the alien scourge and prepare it for launch.

Stage 1
– Simple enough, get in the launch room and prepare the ship for countdown. You have one hour.

Stage 2
– Get onboard and clear the lower level of the ship of mateons. Once you have the keycard from the last one, drop it on the door to proceed.

Stage 3
– It appears the aliens damaged the control terminal. Hunt for another keycard to access the circuit box. After your in, protect the engineer for two minutes while he repairs the controls.

Stage 4
– Continue your journey up to find the code to the top of the rocket. By trying every combination of levers by hitting them to turn them on and off, try every combo to open to door.

Stage 5
– Now enter the top of the rocket and prepare for launch. Simply tale a rest and prepare for the real challenge, the timer stops here for a rest. Like the Dojo, once the leader talks to the NPC, in this case the control panel, they move on.

Stage 6
– Now the rockets moving, as sights rush past the windows the backup engine didn’t function properly it seems. It’s your party’s job to fight your way to the base and the engine room, repair the backup engine. One member must journey into a small room, complete a jump quest and remove the jammed gear by knocking it out, rejoin your party members outside and move back to the top.

Boss Fight
– Something got into the control room while you were away. So kill it why don’t you. Very similar to the Basic Mateons, the creature will move about and rather than kill you, will attempt to destroy the ships controls. Destroy it first. Once you’re done you have arrived at your destination, a bonus ground. Break the falling meteors with a single hit and claim the money as it falls.

Hopefully these ideas are able to rekindle an interest in the land that has so much to offer, OS.

Feel, free to comment and critique, let me know what you think. Concept art of species and areas to follow.


7 Responses to Maple Theory – Omega Sector Reimagined

  1. Very good information. Lucky me I ran across your blog by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book marked it for later!

  2. Panda says:

    Seems like they’re doing something very similar the new Visitors event going on right now… LOL

  3. Omer says:

    Would MapleStory be open to suggestions of this sort? Could they actually consider building this idea? Or do they take absolutely no suggestions from players? Could this be a possibility or is it just wishful thinking? Nexon is quite immobile and seems to be pretty inconsiderate when it comes to a lot of things, unfortunately. But good luck, I love the idea!

    • mapletheory says:

      Its just like you said wishful thinking. Theyre just ideas, not actual possibilities unfortunately

      You can submit tickets with ideas but I doubt those get read.

      • LemonMapleler says:

        I reckon the only way ur getting Nexon to see this and truly consider it is if you go and hand it to them in person. Wich wouldnt really be a bad idea…

  4. maplesushi says:

    Lol, I love your wording. You must be great at writing.

  5. mapletheory says:

    Wow, whoopsies, I like my own post 0_o

    I didnt know what that would do

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