Tespia comes to Global!

You may have heard of the new server, Tespia. It isn’t just any server and it is “invite-only”. But, what’s so special about it?

Well, Tespia is the “testing” server for gMS. They will be able to try the new event or items before anyone else. They also get special bonuses such as better exp and drop rates and I believe free NX! Of course, you can’t bring this back to your normal MS character. However, you can copy your existing character there, but then from now on the two character and accounts will not be connected.

The real reason I made this post is that I don’t have a Tespia account and unfortunately wasn’t invited. To further help this site and its developement, if anyone would be willing to share with me or give me an account that has been invited to Tespia that would be great. I would prefer it is not your main account since there may be problems if we both logged in, but if you have a quit account, a mule account, or just some random account that has made it in and will be willing to let me use it, please contact me in MapleStory. Make a new character in Mardia and find either IVLapLeSushi or iFoundASushi. I will be on either of those. Also, you could leave a comment here, but don’t just leave your info since someone else may take it. I can also give some compensation for helping me in either mesos, items, or NX Cash. Thank you.


One Response to Tespia comes to Global!

  1. Meto says:

    has anyone gave u one yet? i wish i had one too kind of. maybe. by the way i remeber when mardia was added lol. i guess i played longer than u

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