About Me

Hello. I am IVlapleSushi or lVIapleSushi. I play MapleStory as most of you should know.  I currently have a 15X Hero which is my main character. I am in the world Mardia, so if anyone of you want to talk to me or ask me something, just come make a new character and chat me. I’m ussually on weekday afternoons.


45 Responses to About Me

  1. ur 3t3rnal l0v3r says:

    we’re getting married rite?

  2. amelia says:

    hi im a dragon rider i have 4 dragons

  3. Matt says:

    Hi. I love your site, absolutely wonderful. I’ve been trying to model my site after yours, with an asking. You use really good marketing tactics.
    I know you use Forum marketing, and that’s how I chanced upon here.
    You also give the readers what they want, which is the part I’m having trouble with. None of my readers are even asking anything! How do I get that to happen?
    Also, how many subscribers do you have?

  4. Maradiasucks says:

    Maradia is a crapy server! right??

  5. aqua says:

    really cool website, you remind me of a GM cuz u so wise, 😀

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sick im in mardia too :).

  7. Xandi541 says:

    you are amazing. truly exceptional. your blag is the best organized, best thought out blag I have ever seen. congratulations. I shall put this link at the head of my bookmarks bar. Thank you for all your helpful info.

  8. Mr.No Name says:

    Ok i know level 158 and u are a hero and what server?
    just the server. . . . XD 🙂

  9. Mr.No Name says:

    Which server you on and is MapleSushi your name in maple?

  10. SilverBledeMaster says:

    ur the bast sushi like evry 1 sey u ar 1#

    Ceap the good work man! =D

  11. Kris says:

    Small word, I sold you some Boosters, IGN is oTheTrueHero.

    I thought your IGN looked familiar.

  12. Jrod says:

    Sup drew, I dont see you dfoing anymore D:
    Im on my 2nd main now JrodTheExo. Come play more often.

  13. Wulves says:

    This is the best maple blog I have ever seen. It’s comprehensive, clear, organized. I love it! Please keep up the good work!

  14. Jrod says:

    Hey Sushi

  15. Tilly says:

    hi sushi
    i have two questions
    no, wait, three lol

    1 do u use basil market?

    2 p/c on helmet defence dark scroll 30%?

    3 p/c on black scarab (not scrolled at all)

    • maplesushi says:

      1. I don’t use basil
      2. No idea really. Probably around 100k – 500k
      3. Probably around 1-2mil. possibly 5mil for very good stats

      • Tilly says:

        aaaarrgh. i was hoping the scarab would go for more :/
        i really wanna get rid of it…it said the avergae selling price on basil was 13mil tho O.o

      • maplesushi says:

        what world are you in? To check prices, you can also walk around the FM looking for other prices. I generally price my items 100-500k less then the lowest price I see for items of this price range.

  16. Andheri says:

    Nice site! :] I’m looking forward to new posts!

  17. Skitch says:

    How did you get your smiling mask :O

  18. speed2 says:

    Hi MapleSushi,

    Along with my earlier request ‘how to use scrolls’, I add a few more. Whenever I attempt to pick up coins it dissappears, someone picks it up from a distance. After making lots of inquiries…well most of them replied with silence, one player suggested, to practise drop pick with him, I tried but to no avail, after a bit of practise I’m able to pick up wee bit better, but I need to pick from far and faster as they do. The details you requested are shown below.
    (A) Scroll for Helmet for DEf (yellow): Success rate 10%, weapons def +, 5, magic def +3, accuracy +1.
    (B) Scroll for shoes for DEX (pink): Success rate 60%, avoidability +2, accuracy +1.
    (C) Scroll pet equipment (yellow): Success rate 100%, jump +1.
    (D) Scroll for crossbow ATT (pink): Success rate 60%, weapons attack +2, accuracy +1.
    Please give me the price of the scrolls and instructions in detail.

    • maplesushi says:

      The reason you might be picking up slowly is because you are lagging. Either your wireless is slow, your computer is slow, or maybe you have a firewall which is making MapleStory slower. The reason someone else is picking up from a distance is prob because he picked it up on his comp, but because of your lag, it appears he hasn’t move on your screen.

      As for the scrolls, you use them by press “i” (inventory to view scrolls) and “e” (equips you are wearing). Then drag them onto the equip you wish to use it on. You can only use the scroll on the item type that it says. For example, the helmet def can only be used on hats or helmets. Also, after one use, the scroll goes away and the “Number of Available slots” on the item will go down by one. Once the item has 0 slots remaining, you cannot scroll it anymore. The success rate is self explanatory and so is the stats. One last thing is that the 60% success rate scrolls should be red, not pink. Pink scrolls are ussually 50%. For 10% scrolls, I would advise you not to use them because they only work on such a low rate (10%).

      Also, please put these type of questions under “AskSushi”

  19. speed2 says:

    I do have few scrolls but don’t have a clue on how to use or activate them.

  20. Alex says:

    Your site is great . Keep writing!.

  21. speed2 says:

    It’s a quite amazing place you have here ;-)! I need some advise on how to go back to maple island to combat mia, she wants to train me after level 25, but I’m unable to go back there. Please give me some tips to level up faster and upgrade weapons.


  22. jesus says:

    its great!

  23. Justin says:

    this site looks pretty cool

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